Thursday, December 13, 2018

A Review: Blue Shimmay~Gypsy Jump Blues

Joe Simbari, Guitar and Vocals -Nancy Meston, Violin-Frank Tarantino, Bass and Vocals-  Arron Michaels, Percussion and Drums

 by Steven Masone

Music is therapy. I needed music therapy today more than I usually do. I actually had a speech to give at a luncheon today on music therapy. My car broke down and I had to walk several miles to get to my mechanics because no taxi was available in time for me to get to the luncheon. So I put my headphones in and played my favorite blues tune to de-stress and calm down my anxiety about not being on time. I hate to be late! I hate when others are late. But I made it to the luncheon on time and overcame my anxiety and hitched a ride back to my car where I was to meet the tow truck. However, my car started up and I got to my auto repair facility without using up my limited tows Triple A gives me. Four hours later my car was finally fixed. I rushed home to fix dinner for my fourteen year old and got ready to go to the Rainy Day Blues Society's Christmas party where Blue Shimmay was playing. I have worked with Joe Simbari, and Arron Michaels at several jams before and was looking forward to hearing their band for the first time live.

 I listened to their single..."You're the Sugar in my Coffee" which I loved! So when I arrived to hear them at the club, I realized I left my wallet and phone at home. It was one of those days where I really need some good music to straighten the rest of my day out. Blue Shimmay started with a nice tune that from where I was seated needed more volume. Then they switched gears and started playing their arrangement of Freddie King's "Tore Down." I felt "Tore Down" I drove the few blocks home to get my wallet so I could get back and get me some music therapy to help me get my mojo back. They played a great "All of Me"..and the more I listened the more I was being resurrected from the day's tore down toll on my spirit. Joe Simbari was showing a tastier jazzy side to the excellent guitar work I have heard him do many times and the violin of Nancy Meston added a dimension and tone, to the very cool Gypsy Jump sound they have developed, carving out their own lane in the northwest blues scene. Arron Michaels on drums is as solid a drummer as there is and with Frank Tarantino on the stand-up bass, coalesced their rhythm section and sold their retro sound as authentic... where others would have fell short trying to pull it off with only a cheesy version. 
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If a girl came by with a box selling "cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos," I would not have taken a second look as this band is believable!  They will make you believe Their brand of blues is as powerful and exciting as the many blues bands who play at a much higher volume level... They will make you believe you can bluesify old standards yet keeping them true to the original magic  that we all love.  They will also make you believe you better keep an eye on them because the lane they are carving out has just begun and there is nowhere else to go but up for this very unique and very talented band of musicians!    see more at

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