Friday, October 19, 2018

Gino Matteo Band Rocks Eugene

Jade Bennett
By  Steven Masone

The good folks at Rainy Day Blues Society of Oregon, and The Westside Blues Jam at Jimmy Macs Overtime Grill Sports Bar Tavern in Eugene, Oregon, gave blues lover's a treat this past Thursday night! Gino Matteo  Band put on an excellent show with their dynamic, fresh and progressive style that rocked the house with several different levels, shades, and sides, they showcased their finely honed outstanding and tight act. From Gino's brilliant guitar work and soulful vibe, to Jade Bennett's singing like a blues Diva right out of an authentic old school blues speakeasy, one would have been satisfied. However, then the bass player; Michael Burnham and drummer Carson Ford were let loose and the talent factor went through roof. And it was outdoors! Look forward to catching them again as soon as possible.
 Gino: "Work hard at what you love, treat everyone you meet like family, and try to smile here and there". 
Through it all, Gino Matteo still holds true to what he believes. Being a rarity in today's Roots-Music world, Gino Matteo is a young man with an incredible knowledge and respect for the past. A true student of the life. Gino's performances are spontaneous, explosive, and original- a triple threat to the music world. 
Gino is the definition of an "old soul" with a voice as smooth as velvet but tough as nails. 
Gino writes music about his life as he lives it. His love, joy, and pain pour through his guitar and voice. 
Using the experiences learned over time, Gino Matteo's sound respectfully pays tribute to true roots music while adding a bit of his own life in between and is quickly carving out a name for himself being among the finest songwriters and guitarists in music. 
For the last several years, Gino served as the lead guitarist in the Sugaray Rayford Band traveling the world with the blues great. 

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