Monday, January 9, 2017

Delta Residents Evacuating As Floods Threaten

WALNUT GROVE, Calif. - Residents of Walnut Grove's New Hope RV Park are evacuating ahead of the big storm.
Park manager Jim Timberlake said he has everything under control. He said officials told him that they anticipate they expect water levels to fall tomorrow and next week. The park has 60 RV's, and Timberlake said everyone will be taken care of.
“Got everything under control. Everything is looking good," Timberlake said. "The rest of the rigs I have out will be gone by tomorrow morning and the rest into storage."
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Longtime resident Johnny C is among those evacuating. He said this isn't his first rodeo. 
“I was in the Isleton flood in 72' and I remember doing all of that there,” Johnny C said.
He was calm, cool and collected, just like his neighbor Mike Shread. 
“I got my TV in here. I am going to hunt and shoot and fish and kill and have fun. I’m ready," Shread said. 
Shread said he wants to stick around and watch the "carnage". He said after the state told them it was serious he grabbed a spot on the levy with some neighbors. Others we spoke to decided to leave town because they did not have room on the levy or feared the levy could collapse. 
Many of the residents were concerned about bathrooms, pumps, power, generators, but management said they will take care of everything. 

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