Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Review: "Graciano's Chicago Deep Dish Pizza & Speakeasy-Sexy B4 Dawn?"

By Steven Masone

Back in Sacramento, looking for signs of nightlife in Old Sacramento, I wandered into Graciano's Chicago Deep Dish Pizza and Speakeasy- Cocktail Lounge . It was open mic night with Sexy B4 Dawn Presents "Soulful Saturday's A Place Where a Musician can be a Musician and a Fan Of Live Music can feel at Home. An old country tune sings about "the women all get better looking at closing time" brought to mind a possible play on words for Sexy Before Dawn. but then it dawned on me perhaps it is a reference to the 'Twilight Vampire' series and all night party people. I’ll have to ask where the name originated.

The band however, made sexy music before 10 pm with guitar, bass/synthesizer, drums, and keyboards. The talent that showed up was excellent, and the cover charge is well worth it, if it was just the band! The show was actually concert style seating which was refreshing, and then the crowd was great. Supportive, and enthusiastic.

The showroom was separate from the bar, and "teetotalers" were welcome as well as those who enjoyed a cocktail from the professional bartenders taking care of the packed house.With Latin Music events, Jazz, and much more, if the caliber of other shows are as good as Sexy B4 Dawn Party Promomotions,
I look forward to catching them all in the near future.

The sound engineer for this even was, Shawn Raiford,  and he did a great job. (I will add names and websites soon) I had just eaten so I did not review the Italian fare. I spoke with the friendly owner, Ken Harris, with an invitation from him to return soon to do a review on the cuisine. I did watch the many dishes coming out of the kitchen for some time, and if the food is as good as the presentation and aroma, I will be a happy Italian customer...they all looked great!

This venue is not your typical Old Sacramento tourist trap and mediocre joint. It is both a first-class family style restaurant, and  entertainment destination.

see their websites for events, menus and more....   

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