Monday, February 29, 2016

VA Phone System Debacle Is Nationwide

By Steven Masone-Publisher VVOA

White City, Oregon VA
February 29, 2016

   There are so many issues that plague most VA facilities, it is getting redundant to keep calling for action to fix so many problems. As a veteran in this system since 1975, I have too many stories to tell of waste, abuse, incompetence and systemic bureaucratic incompetency, we will just let the video speak for a current failure of most VA centers which shows it's circular excuses for inferior care and service. After being told on video that "someone will get right back with you"...As of the end of the day, no one called.(this video was over 21 minuets...edited for privacy issues)


 $6.3 million wasted on art projects but can't dial in phone systems? - 

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