Thursday, September 10, 2015

Heroes Parade in Sacramento on 9/11... Courting Disaster?

 Those planning to attend the hometown hero parade honoring the three Sacramento-area men who stopped a terror attack on a French train be warned that temperatures are expected to be in the high 90s when the noon parade begins.

But also be warned this is happening on 9/11 for these young men who thwarted a Jihadist attack and became symbols of American exceptionalism. With Islamic hostilities already voiced in attack against Jews at UC Davis recently, it is not a stretch to assume we have a radicalized element locally.

Remember, the FBI and Homeland Security called a High Alert for last Fourth of July Celebrations.

Why this date was chosen for the parade to honor our heroes, is yet to be made clear. Hopefully it is not going to prove to be a bad decision.One could imagine the different Islamic terror groups who have discussed making this a prime targeted event for both revenge and the psychological mental-anguish another attack could have on the national psyche. 

Stay alert and safe. 

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