Saturday, August 23, 2014

Delta High Coaches Face Investigation

CLARKSBURG - Two separate incidents involving Delta High School football coaches are under investigation by the school district.
In the most recent incident, football coach Bud Friend allegedly loaned his pickup truck to a varsity football player who did not have a valid California drivers license.
While driving the truck, the student veered off the road and into a row of grape vines. No one was injured in the crash, but the truck was damaged.
Friend acknowledges the incident.
"There's some dispute on that. Yeah, it's true," Friend said Thursday afternoon.
Farmer Roger Tillis was working in a nearby field when the crash happened. He said allowing the truck to be taken was a bad decision.
"It's just poor judgement. I mean, you count to ten and you probably wouldn't do that again," Tillis said.
Tillis said he said the same pickup being driven recklessly in the same area the day before.
"You know, poor choice. We can't do those kind of things," Tillis said. "You probably do a little bit better job of reasoning and goodbye."
Tillis believes Friend was laid off by the district. Friend disputes that.
"I haven't had anything official," he said.
In an incident that took place a week earlier, players and coaches held an officially sanctioned overnight team building exercise, where allegedly drinking occurred and two players were hurt.
Friend denies any drinking took place.
"I didn't see any drinking at all, but two kids did get hurt," Friend said.
River Delta Unified School Superintendent Don Beno said a pair of incidents are being investigated.
"We've received some information and so we're conducting an investigation on two isolated incidents that involve coaches and some football players players up there at Delta High School," Beno said. "We've notified proper authorities and they're also involved in some of the investigation."
The football team's booster clubs said they heard about both incidents.
"My understanding is a couple of kids were playing touch football with each other and got injured," booster club member Katherine Van Diest said of the overnight team building exercise. "It's unfortunate, because everybody's working really hard to support this team and to support the community."
Beno said more information on the incidents and the district's response should be available by Friday.

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