Sunday, March 9, 2014

Phoinix Players Performing Daughter of Triton on Talent Steroids!

By Steven Masone

    The Red Cane Theatre in Eugene, Oregon is this city's best kept secret...or worse for those who have not discovered  Musical Theatre in general. The talented Phoinix Players who are performing... Daughter of Triton, a little Mermaid Story...rocked-out the house with panache!!

Adapted from the Hans Christian Andersen story, Director Mary Huls uses great rock songs for the
 Musical score, and every cast member being a triple threat... makes for an enjoyable journey where nostalgic rock & roll hits keeps on coming and pushes the show along with very rare musical theater excitement. The show includes original dialogue written by Mary Huls, with an incredible set design and choreography... par excellence. 

An original opening song that explains this is not the Disney version, transitions the viewer from wondering if they are going to like a Little Mermaid story, to being pulled into the story line by great singing without mics and dancing accompanied with comedic relief all the way to the finale. A must see! You will be thoroughly entertained and impressed by this talented and gifted company. 

Sitting in the very back of the house listening to the vocals being performed with no amplification, took me back to old school musical Theatre that most communities are bereft of due to the lack of youthful talent abandoned by budgets that cut out Theatre Arts programs from our schools. It is so refreshing to find a troupe full of young triple threat talent and a Director like Mary Huls who has not lost a vision for artistic excellence and risk taking. Many might have thought about getting out of the box with an original adaptation like Daughter, but finding the right rock songs that worked with the story line and moved the show seamlessly and coherently, is another matter. Mary achieved just that with bravo and a fluent synergistic steroidal Rock opera style that rocked out the house to success.

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