Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nina's Ukraine Homecoming...Back Home U.S.A.

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    1. About to board for Amsterdam. Thanks for all your prayers.. Goodbye Ukraine!!! — atBorispol Int'l Airport.
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    2. Citizens are still there and are not looking to leave just yet... — in Kyiv, Ukraine.
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    3. Outdoor photos of Yanukovych's residence.
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    4. your adventures in Ukraine made me want to go and visit  thanks for all the photos!
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    5. This is my last day in Ukraine and I gotta say I'm glad I got to come and visit here. I have no regrets. I got to see every place and person I wanted to see. I am fully satisfied with my experience. I feel it's time I let all my worries go and let God work on this country and his people. My job now is to get home and live life with a fresh start. I'm so glad my home is on the other side of the globe and I have my wonderful crazy kids to go home to and be a better mom for. Thank you Lord for your mercy ~ I am blessed beyond measure! — in Kyiv, Ukraine.
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    6. Made it back to Kiev and met my cousin, Slavic. We haven't seen each other since I was about 6 and he was about 12. It's awesome to meet once again and to spend my last two days with him. View from his apartment.  — in Kyiv, Ukraine.
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