Monday, March 17, 2014

Nina's Ukraine Ukraine Prepares For War

Nina's Ukraine Homecoming Journey Pt 4

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    Crimea votes to join Russia; Ukrainians prepare for war

    Ukrainians in this nation's capital prepared themselves for war Sunday after results from the disputed referendum in the Crimea showed an overwhelming...

    Crimeans voted Sunday in a unique referendum on breaking away from Ukraine to join Russia that has precipitated a Cold War-style security crisis on Europe's eastern frontier. Duration: 00:55 Video provided by AFP Newslook

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    2. Today is my last day in Kislitsa and here's what I got to see! — with Діна Щербіна and 2 others. (6 photos)
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    3. In Ukraine you pay for most public transportation at exit not entrance. I always wondered why. Well that's because they don't guarantee your arrival. They can brake down in the middle of nowhere. Walking towards Kislitsa right now. I miss America! Ha ha
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    4. I miss my church.
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    5. Had a fun night tonight with the girls in Russian banya. It was amazing!!!! What a way to say goodbye. Four hours of heat, water, food, massage, music and laughs. I'm almost ready to hit the road again back to Kiev. — feeling great in Izmail, Ukraine.
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    9. Enjoying a nice view at the marine station. Craving some spicy food. I haven't had anything spicy since I've been here.. Ordered some kind of spicy Russian curry over rice. Hope it'll be good! — at Delta Coffe & Lounge 2.
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      • Hope Wells Stevens I hope you enjoy it ! I cannot eat I had a tooth pulled out on both sides of my mouth and they won't treat the infection ! I'm not hungry ! Just in pain and want all infection gone in Jesus name ! Please say a prayer for me ! I love you Sister Nina !!!! God bless you !!! I hope you are truly having a great time !!!!
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    10. Thanks for sharing your fascinating journey, Nina. 
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    12. Found the picture of my Vlasov great great grandparents (mom's side). They are sitting at the table and the woman holding a child in white is my grandpa's mother. My great great grandparents were Russian Tatars. Wow. So cool to find this photo. Mom's cousin has all the records. — in Kislitsa, Ukraine.

    13. Cousins - Nina + Vika  — in Kislitsa, Ukraine.
    14. On my way to go visit my elementary school teacher. She lives on the other side of town and there's absolutely no lights on the streets at night so we're gonna borrow our neighbor's/friend's old little car with manual shift. Lol Gonna have fun tonight. I hope I won't get stuck in mud somewhere. — with Lyudmila Shcherbina.
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    15. I can't believe I made it to Kamyshovka. It's so nice and sunny here today. Visiting my oldest uncle Ivan and aunt Katya. He reminds me so much of Grandpa Sofron!! He looks and acts so much like Grandpa.  — in Kamyshevka, Ukraine.
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    17. This sounds like your language maybe?
      Hand Feeding A Fox While Ice Fishing

      Please Like → Caught On Camera

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    18. Visiting my uncle Stephan with his wife Vera, my aunt Nadia and my cousin Natasha with her four adorable kids. Spending the night here, then to Kamishovka tomorrow to see my oldest uncle. So nice to see them all. — in Kiliya, Ukraine.
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    19. Sun is going down... To be rising where my home is. It's pretty. 
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    20. Alone time at my favorite spot at the lake that reminds me so much of my childhood.
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