Friday, March 7, 2014

Nina's Ukraine Homecoming: part 2

  1. Who remembers this young lady???

  2. Poor little frog got ran over. That's what you may run into walking down Lenina haha
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  4. With school principal and librarian. Wonderful time. 

  5. School cafeteria. They now feed the kids lunch! We used to always go hungry.

  6. Ivan Pavlovich is still the principal at the school here. I brought some school supplies and books for 1st - 4th graders. It wasn't a lot but they were super happy and grateful. So good to see everyone!

  7. Bus station Izmail. Автостанция в Измаиле.

  8. Made it to my uncle Petro Chobu!! 
  9. Today I will get a lot done! Here I come Chobuli!! — feeling determined .
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  10. I'm on the verge of getting home sick....
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  11. When I visited my old school I noticed that teachers here STILL identify their students by their religion. If this country wants REAL peace and freedom they will have to learn to CHANGE. They need to give some freedom to God's people and quit discriminating the innocent kids against their religion. — in Kislitsa, Ukraine.
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  12. Luda's teacher Nina Ivanovna, my best friend's brother Vitalik, and mom's friend Luda Nikolenko. #Kisltca

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