Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Review: La Pomodori Ristorante in Florence, Oregon


A Review
By Steven Masone

Normally I do not review Italian restaurants. The reason being I have owned one and was trained by the five star chef we imported from Italy. So even in San Francisco, I have been disappointed more often than not. So  I took a leap of faith having lunch at La Pomodori Ristorante in Florence Oregon and was pleasantly surprised.  I ordered the 'Sweet Chile Pesce'...  Pacific Snapper encrusted with panko breading, 
finished with a sweet chile bruschetta over linguini.  

The restaurant is small and intimate with a clean minimalist decor and no pretentious Italian art or the usual overdone attempts at trying to create a "little Italy." 

I ordered the salad instead of soup, which was european greens , tomatoes, red onions and a great raspberry vinaigrette. (I saved half for desert!)   

The snapper was better than I had hoped for as I had tried another recommended spot in Florence and their version was very disappointing. The flavor was excellent! The sweet & spicy chile did not overpower the fish and the breading was perfect. Large slivers of fresh shaved Parmesan with a hint of garlic and fused with encrusted panko breading...sweet chile bruschetta... made a great marriage. The linguine was done to my liking also (medium-well al dente) and at $11, I was pleased to make dinner reservations so I can bring our readers an in-depth review on their traditional Veal and Pasta dishes, and their Cioppino. So far, it looks like I have found a first class Italian Ristorante in Florence, Oregon.

   La Pomodori Ristorante website  http://www.lapomodori.com/4601.html

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