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Fishing Weekend Shout Out! Aug 6, 2013

SACRAMENTO RIVER, Sacramento - Fishing for salmon improved last week, though still well short of red hot, but that will change this week, as flows dropped 1,000 cfs on Sunday. The Minnow Hole produced the best action with bankies throwing Flying Cs and Blue Fox spinners. Discovery Park and Verona also produced a few fish. A couple more whopper stripers weighing 28 and 31 pounds were caught around Courtland on bait. Fishing for catfish continued to be good in Sutter Slough.
SACRAMENTO RIVER, Red Bluff - Salmon fishing was fair from Tisdale to Red Bluff with anglers catching 2 or three fish a boat during the week, with the bite falling off to around a fish a rod on weekends due to heavy boat traffic. Troll Kwikfish early, then switch to dragging or backbouncing roe. All will change now, thought, as flows dropped 1,000 cfs on Sunday night, so there will be less moss and debris, and salmon will begin holding in deeper holes and runs.
EMERYVILLE - Sundance highlighted the catch counts with near-limit scores on salmon late in the week and over the weekend. Most of the landing boats fished for salmon off the Marin coast or for rockfish and lingcod at the Farallones.
CARSON RIVER (East, West) - Alpine County will stock another 1,800 pounds of 3-pound average rainbows into the East and West Carson this week. Thunderstorms this past week muddied up the East Carson but it was clearing quickly. Anglers were picking up limits of DFW planters and a few 2 to 3 pounders from the Alpine County plants in both the East and West. With the off-color water, salmon eggs were working best for bait fishermen. Flyfishing slowed with the dirty water but should recoup with clearer conditions that are expected this week.
LAKE OROVILLE - The lake is at 63-percent capacity. Guide Ron Gandolfi reported that bass fishing was good all over the lake on rocky walls and points using topwater, Keitech 3.8 swimbaits, and lipless cranks. Spooks and the Persuader Popping Walker accounted for some bigger fish in the very early morning. Long casts with the swimbaits and cranks were needed to catch the many 1 1/2- to 1 3/4-pound spots stacked up on the rocky areas. Look for cooler water up in the river arms or get out early! Coho salmon were still falling for dodger/hoochies between the dam and the Green Bridge - meter for the best depth depending on the time of day, usually around 60 feet deep.
CHETCO RIVER, Ore. - If the number of salmon outside the mouth in the ocean is any indication, it's going to be a great year for salmon fishing in the Chetco once the first rains hit this fall.
UMPQUA RIVER, Reedsport, Ore. - The lower Umpqua River is off to an early start, pointing towards a season like the 2011 season or better. According to WON Field Reporter Curtis Palmer, it's been quite some time since the season started so early, or with so many quality salmon. He said that anglers shouldn't fish much higher than Windy Bend yet, but in a couple weeks trolling up to the Highway 101 bridge will be good. "For now, Buoy 19 is a good spot with a deep hole that the kings do like, according to one local who has been catching his salmon between the Sand Slides on the west side of river and Buoy 19. Saturday was excellent fishing for the early birds in slightly larger boats who ran over the Bar and out to sea. Just a short distance past the South Jetty is a favorite rip for salmon to hold before entering the Winchester Bay (Mouth of Umpqua River). Motor mooching and slow trolling seem to be the most effective ways to fish this spot. Winds have been coming up quickly in the mornings. "My favorite time to fish Winchester Bay & Reedsport is the third week in August, because it's always great fishing with tons of fish for everyone," Palmer said.
ROGUE RIVER, Gold Beach, Ore. - "We are just now starting to head into the regular season for fall Chinook salmon," said Curtis Palmer of River Secrets, "and it looks as if we are going to have some very big salmon this year. Report's from local Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife say that we can expect good number's of 4-year-old salt fish returning and we should also see a few as old as 5 years. Considering the Rogue River is known for having big king salmon to begin with, and then add a year or two extra in the ocean during good conditions, and now you have the makings for some trophy-sized Chinooks. Wednesday was one of the best days of the week when about 50 salmon were caught, with not a lot of boats trolling the Bay, but the next day was slower, Palmer said. But the fish are big, some close to 40 pounds! There are also some decent numbers of steelhead being caught now.
RUSSIAN RIVER - Summer means "play in the water time" and very limited fishing, but there are a lot of smallmouth bass here, and if you target them early or late using minnow-imitation lures and Rooster Tails, you can have some fun.
KLAMATH RIVER, Klamath Glen - More and more salmon are entering the Klamath on tide swings, but fishing has been tough at the lower end due to warm and low water, as well as heavy Indian netting and snagging by liners. The mouth of Blue Creek and just below has been the best spot upriver to have a chance at steelhead and salmon, although, fishing slowed substantially from the previous week. Salmon were being caught on roe, while steelhead were being caught on roe, spinners, and flies.
TRINITY RIVER - Salmon fishing was very tough again last week, especially downriver with air temperatures reaching 106 degrees and the river 81 degrees at the mouth. The upstream part of the river above Junction City has been providing some action, but it's mostly a morning affair until about 10 or 11 a.m. Then the only action is likely to be letting roe sit in deep holes.
AMERICAN RIVER - Fishing on most of the river still was mostly for striped bass. Almost all the salmon on the American are older fish up by the dam. Stripers were taking crawdads, minnows, swimbaits, Pencil Poppers and Clouser-type streamers throughout the river, while, salmon were being caught by anglers lining beaded hooks in the Basin. The best action has been from Sailor Bar to Grist Mill.
FEATHER RIVER - There still are not that many fall fish in the Feather, but numbers seem to be increasing, and most of the darker tagged fish have disappeared. A 34 pounder was caught on an anchovy above the YC boat ramp.
FOLSOM LAKE - A few king salmon were picked up last week in front of the dam on Speedy Shiners trolled at 50 feet. The lake is dropping steadily and bass have moved deeper and are mostly being caught on plastics off points and submerged islands.
RANCHO SECO LAKE - A few bass were still being caught, mostly very early and late, but most of the fishing action now, is on panfish, especially redeared sunfish.
SACRAMENTO RIVER, Redding - Trout fishing was fair for non-fly fishers, but tougher for fly fishers in the high flows. Nightcrawlers, Glo-Bugs, and crickets were scoring for spin fishermen, while fly fishers dead-drifted nymphs under indicators.
UPPER SACRAMENTO/McCLOUD RIVERS -Fishing will remain tough in the low warm water until - fall, but it wasn't too bad around Dunsmuir where trout are planted. The best area for fly anglers has been from Pollard Flat to Sims. On the McCloud, fishing was pretty good around Ah-Di-Na and around Ash Camp.
YUBA RIVER - Fishing for fat rainbows to 20 inches continued to be very good, especially on hopper-imitating dry flies paired with a smaller dry early and late, and paired with a nymph during mid-day. Evening fishing has been especially good.
CLEAR LAKE - Head to the southern arms where the better water has been found, but don't expect to be alone. The bass action remains good with surface action being the most fun part of the day early for a few hours and then switch to worms or jigs for the rest of the day. Or do a bass/catfish trip. There are some big catfish taking minnows and nightcrawlers.
LAKE BERRYESSA - The Ranch House in 75 feet of water fishing towards the bottom was productive for a mix of kokes and trout that are going deeper with the heat. Shorten up your leaders and troll in S-turns with Rocky Mountain Tackle (RMT) in 5.5 Hyper Plaid, Bahama mama dodgers with RMT squids, Uncle Larry's spinners, Apex spoons and Pautzke fire red Can O' Corn with fresh garlic oil. Down by the dam, use rolled shad for kings from 70 to 140 feet. For bass try the west shore of the main body in 15 to 20 feet with assorted 6-inch Robo Worms.
LAKE SOMONA - Fish the mud lines in the afternoons with spinnerbaits or a Lucky Craft BDS in Lake Fork shad for bass that are chasing shad or hit Cherry Creek with plastic worms.
SACRAMENTO RIVER side - A few salmon were reported but the waters are still warm and fish are shooting through. If jigging please remember that a legal fish is caught in the mouth, not outside the mouth A few nice stripers were mixed in with the dinks in the Rio Vista area and at the Isleton Pier. Fishing for warmwater species has also been good.
SAN JOAQUIN RIVER side - There were a few salmon in Benicia and around Pittsburg taken on spinners but it was a windy week. There are also still a few nice stripers mixed in with the dinks off the Antioch Pier with sardines and bigger baits. Bluegill and catfish have been abundant in the sloughs. Broad Slough had hit and miss sturgeon.
LAKE ALMANOR - Hit the Big Springs to Hamilton Branch area early with lines in by 5:15 a.m. Goose Island to Rocky Point has been good for some brown trout in the afternoons and evenings with crickets and mealworms.
BAUM LAKE - The Fly Shop in Redding reports better fishing in the deeper, colder sections mid day when hatches come off. Good fishing here.
CASSEL FOREBAY - Rim Rock Ranch reports the bite in the forebay was hot and cold with some very good days and some a bit slower. Floating baits and salmon eggs both picked up a lot of fish. The forebay flyfishing was good with chironomids in various colors working from day to day.
FALL RIVER - The Hex hatch is still going but winding down. Fishing has been good with nice hatches of callibaetis through the middle of the day.
UPPER HAT CREEK - Rim Rock Ranch reported fishing continued to be good with many a big brooder brookie in the mix. Eggs and worms topped the list as the most effective baits this past week. Generous fish plants continue twice a week and fishing pressure continues to be low in relationship to previous years, so there are lots of trout in the system. Threats of thunder and lightning did not materialize in the general area. Temperatures are down to the high 80s and low 90s, so fishing conditions are good. The creek did run a bit cloudy for a day and a half due to a slide somewhere on Lassen Peak around Lost Creek. Lost Creek brought the sediment down to Hat Creek around Twin Bridges.
PIT RIVER - There's good fishing but you'll have to move around as the fish are not stacked up. We're waiting on August and the bite that is triggered by the isonychia that become part of the rainbow's diet.
MANZANITA LAKE - Rim Rock Ranch reported the action was excellent to slow depending mostly on being able to figure out what pattern the fish wanted from day to day. For the most part, red or black midges were working best. Remember this lake has special restrictions so be sure to read the regulations governing this body of water.
McCLOUD RIVER - The fishing continues to be great but crowded on weekends, but don't expect to find huge fish here.
SHASTA LAKE - Trout are deeper, from 40 to 80 feet along with the bass. Try chrome Apex, watermelon Apex, white Wiggle Hoochie or a blue Wiggle Hoochie in Waters Gulch where the mouth of the Sac and Pitt meet, directly east in the bay, behind No Name Island. For salmon, try up in the McCloud by Holiday Harbor in 60 to 120 feet.
TRINITY RESERVOIR - The Papoose Arm was marking lots of big fish at 60 feet but few takers. With low water the only ramps open are Trinity Center, Minersville and Cedar Stock.
WHISKEYTOWN RESERVOIR - The Highway 299 Bridge is still good for cookie cutter 13- and 14-inch kokes that are fat hard fighting fish and providing quick limits. The fishing was fair but not red hot with on pink/pearl or pink UV Apexs, a Radical Glow tube or pink hoochies behind Sling Blades. Target points and humps for bass, but as the day winds down, switch to topwater baits and larger 7- to 9-inch swimbaits for the possibility of a fish to 7 pounds. Thanks to the reader that pointed out the wrong bridge name!
NorCal Saltwater
BERKELEY - Good fishing for salmon and rockfish/lingcod all week. Flying Fish had 20 salmon to 28 pounds for 15 anglers over the weekend. Sunfish had 26 limits of rockfish and a staggering 45 lingcod to 20 pounds Saturday, fishing the Marin coast.
BODEGA BAY - Salmon counts dropped somewhat but the size of fish increased commensurately. Salmon and lingcod to 40 pounds were caught on New Sea Angler.
DILLON BEACH - Salmon fishing was good from Elephant Rock to north of the Russian River. Thresher sharks spooked moochers using light tackle for salmon. Halibut bit off of ten Mile Beach.
EUREKA - Weather slowed action for Pacific halibut and somewhat for rockfish. Any boat that could get out stood an excellent chance of scoring rapid limits of salmon.
FORT BRAGG - Boats including Seahawk, Telstar and Trek II focused on a good salmon bite and mixed things up with rockfish and lingcod. Jetty fishers hoped for cabezon but mostly settled for rockfish and perch. Surf fishers south of town managed decent counts of surf perch.
HALF MOON BAY - Boats ran south for salmon and tallied generally less than a fish per rod, with exceptions, such as on Huli Cat where the ratio went as high as 1.2 fish per rod. Queen of Hearts and Riptide fished for salmon and also targeted rockfish and lingcod from Martins Beach to Pigeon Point.
MARTINEZ - Striped bass and sturgeon both bit anywhere between Martinez and the Mothball Fleet. Even pier fishers in Martinez got into the action with catches of both species. Ghost and grass shrimp were the most effective baits.
SAN FRANCISCO - Shorter runs for salmon resulted in more fishing time. Bass Tub fished Duxbury for salmon and other boats fished the Channel Buoys or Marin coast. Rockfish trips typically meant a run to the Farallones where limits could be relied upon and lingcod to 20 pounds kept anglers holding on tight.
BOCA LAKE - The lake is at 75-percent capacity. The fishing was slow here, according to Mountain Hardware and Sports. The best bet was fishing the inlet and west side coves in the early morning for the occasional trout.
CAPLES LAKE - The lake is at 91-percent capacity. Boaters heading into Emigrant Cove and shore anglers fishing at the spillway and Wood's Creek were doing well for rainbows ranging from 12-inch planters to 4 1/4-pound trophy fish using worms and Power Bait.
DAVIS LAKE - The lake is at 74-percent capacity. Ed Dillard at Dillard's Guided Fishing reported that trollers were still picking up limits of 12- to 18-inch rainbows running Dick Nites and Needlefish at 15 to 25 feet deep near the big island. Shore fishing was pretty good at Mallard and Fairview for better quality fish than the trollers were picking up - 16 to 22 inchers - get out early! Flyfishing was slow at best - again, get out early or late along the west side.
DONNER LAKE - Mountain Hardware and Sports reported that fishing was good here. The west end rainbow bite was good using nightcrawlers and Power Bait off the public piers and docks. Trolling for smaller macks was productive on trout and kokanee imitations at 40 to 60 feet deep. Kokanee trolling was slow.
FEATHER RIVER CANYON - Mike Hanson at Caribou Crossroads Resort reported that the North Fork had cleared up and fishing was excellent with lots of limits of 13- to 15-inch rainbows hitting worms, salmon eggs and crickets.
FRENCHMAN LAKE - The lake is at 57-percent capacity. Wiggins Trading Post reported that trout action as still good for near limits to limits of 13- to 17-inch rainbows at the dam, in the first cove past the dam, and along the west side of the lake just north of the dam from shore or drifting from a boat with Power Bait and inflated nightcrawlers.
GOLD LAKES BASIN - Mark Tieslau at Mountain Hardware and Sports in Blairsden reported that fishing was good on most of the lakes in the basin, especially Packer Lake. Packer Lake was producing limits in less than an hour off the rocky point near the lodge. Salmon Lake was good while Snag Lake fishing had slowed, and Sardine Lake was good for boaters drifting at the inlet. There were just too many jetskiers at Gold Lake for decent fishing.
ICE HOUSE RESERVOIR - The lake is at 73-percent capacity. Kyle Neeser at Crystal Basin Tackle and Guide Service reported that fishing here was dead due to the high water temp brought on by the recent heat wave.
INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR - Todd Sodaro at the Creekside Lodge reported with fishing so good in the Carson River, most anglers were avoiding the lake, so few reports were available.
JACKSON MEADOW RESERVOIR - Mountain Hardware and Sports reported that the fishing was still good along the west side from the dam to the inlet for bigger fish. Smaller trout were showing up at the Pass Creek inlet.
JENKINSON LAKE (Sly Park) - The trout bite in the Narrows was still good for trollers and bait drifters.
LAKE TAHOE - Guides on both ends of the lake reported that the mack bite was tough. Chuck Self at Chuck's Charter Fishing said he was working hard for limits of 5 1/2 - to 7 1/2-pound macks trolling from 120 to 400 feet deep at Kings Beach with the best bite very early in the morning. A 40 person charter for the Ritz Carlton involving 6 boats found a tough bite in the late afternoon with only a few fish caught per boat. Mike Nielsen at Tahoe Topliners reported having a tough week with only 5 to 10 fish landed per day despite lots of strikes - they just weren't holding on! Fishing from Tahoe City to Rubicon Bay one day and around South Shore the next produced similar results jigging Williamson Benthos lures and trolling Laxee spoons at 130 to 175 feet deep. Kokanee trolling was sporadic this past week, with some trollers getting limits and others only picking up a fish or two.
LOON LAKE - The lake is at 76-percent capacity. The water was getting warm up here and the bite was slowing down. Try dodger/worm or grub combos in deeper water for rainbows.
PROSSER LAKE - The lake is at 37-percent capacity. Mountain Hardware and Sports reported that fishing was slow. Some smallmouth bass activity was seen at the dam. There were some trout hitting in the Prosser Creek arm in the early morning.
PYRAMID LAKE - Joe Mendes at Eagle Eye Charters reported that his last trip only produced 1 Sacramento perch, but 70 cutthroats to 10 pounds on marabou jigs on light spinning gear. All the trout must be released during the closed season.
RED LAKE - Todd Sodaro at Creekside Lodge reported that one angler fished off the dam and only had two bites with no hookups for a whole morning - it's slow!
SILVER LAKE - The lake is at 79-percent capacity. The lake was stocked by the DFW this past week, but with the hot weather and full moon, the EID host reported that fishing was slow. Check around the boat ramp at the dam for the new planters. Jim Painter of Pollock Pines picked up a 3-pound rainbow trolling one evening this past week, but no limits.
STAMPEDE RESERVOIR - The lake is at 58-percent capacity. Rick Kennedy at Tight Lines Guide Service reported that kokanee trolling was still very good with boat limits coming in between 5 and 10 a.m. 12- to 14-inch kokanee and a few rainbow trout were scattered from 30 to 54 feet deep near the island and still hitting a watermelon Sep's Strike Master Dodger trailing a RMT Assassin or Uncle Larry's Tropical Tiger spinner tipped with Pautzke's Fire Corn.
TOPAZ LAKE - The lake was so low that boat launching off the ramp at Topaz Landing Marina and the County Park was no longer possible. Small boats can launch off the shore.
TRUCKEE RIVER - Mountain Hardware and Sports reported that fishing was tough with the hot weather and water conditions. Flyfishermen using crawfish patterns, large stone/PMD nymph combos, and caddis pupa in the fast water were picking up a few trout from Truckee to Hirshdale, but fishing pressure was heavy. Evening dry fly activity was sporadic on caddis, little yellow stones and PEDs.
UNION VALLEY RESERVOIR - The lake is at 79-percent capacity. According to Kyle Neeser at Crystal Basin Tackle and Guide Service, the kokanee bite here was dead due to the hot weather and warm water temp.
WEST WALKER RIVER - The Little Walker and West Walker are both scheduled for DFW trout plants this week. George Anderson at the Toiyabe Motel reported that fishing was excellent with lots of limits of DFW planters with a few 2 to 3 pounders and one 5 pounder. Worms were working best for the bigger fish. The "How Big is Big" Trout Derby ends on July 31 and as of press time, 8-year-old Cameron Holcomb was still leading the event with a 6 1/4-pound rainbow.
AMERICAN RIVER - The river was running very low and clear - anglers can wade all the way across in some spots. Hikers making it down to Italian Bar, Mumford Bar and Sailor Flat on the North Fork or Cache Rock on the Middle Fork can find plenty of nice rainbows in the deeper holes.
BULLARDS BAR - The lake is at 69-percent capacity. Emerald Cove Marina reported that boaters drifting nightcrawlers from 15 to 60 feet deep between the marina and the dam were picking up a mix of bass, bluegill and trout. The trout were at 50 to 60 feet and running 14 to 18 inches. Get out early due to the heavy daytime recreational boat traffic.
CAMP FAR WEST - North Shore Resort reported that several fishing boats were out, but few reported catching any fish. Get out early and get up into the upper ends of the river arms where cooler water runs into the lake for bass on worms and Brush Hogs.
COLLINS LAKE - The lake is 18 feet from full. Despite the hot weather, trout were still hitting in deeper water at the dam and the docks. Limits were rare, with most anglers scoring 1 or 2 fish each on Power Bait and worms. Trollers picked up a few fish on Needlefish at 25 to 30 feet deep. Crappie and catfish made a good showing this past week with slabs to 2 pounds hitting minnows off the docks and near the bridge, and cats to 9 pounds hitting worms.
ENGLEBRIGHT RESERVOIR - The lake is at 96-percent capacity. Mike Torres at Skippers Cove Marina reported that one boater picked up 3 nice rainbows casting a Kastmaster spoon around the docks in the marina. Bass action was good this past week from Keystone Cove to Black's Ravine for boaters using Rapalas, spinnerbaits, worms, and grubs near weed beds. Chip Helsel picked up a 4 1/2-pound spotted bass on a drop-shot purple worm about 1 mile up from the marina on the left side of the lake. Houseboaters fishing at Boston Bar were still catching good numbers of trout to 24 inches on worms.
FRENCH MEADOWS RESERVOIR - The lake is at 53-percent capacity. The lake was stocked by the DFW this past week, so trolling and shore fishing near the boat ramp should be much improved.
HELL HOLE RESERVOIR - The lake is at 58-percent capacity. The Georgetown Ranger Station reported that kokanee were still hitting at the powerhouse on dodger/hoochies at 25 to 35 feet deep.
ROLLINS LAKE - The fishing slowed this past week with the lower water level and high water temp. Catfish were more active, though, and some anglers were out using hot dogs, chicken livers, anchovies, and nightcrawlers. Just to show you that catfish will eat anything, one guy picked up an 8-pound catfish on Cheetos!
SCOTT'S FLAT LAKE - Jim Caldwell at the marina reported that trollers getting out very early were still picking up 2 or 3 rainbows on flasher/worm combos at 35 to 40 feet deep between the marina and the dam.
SUGAR PINE RESERVOIR - Little to report from the Foresthill Ranger Station. Try early in the morning for holdover trout with Power Bait or inflated nightcrawlers.
STUMPY MEADOWS RESERVOIR - The Georgetown Ranger Station reported that anglers were still picking up a few trout, but they had copepods on them now with the warmer water.
THERMOLITO AFTERBAY - The lake was at 133.3-foot elevation at press time--80-percent capacity. The water level was up this past week, so the fish were able to get back into the tules. Pitch Senkos early in the day and use frogs in the late afternoon. Guide Ron Gandolfi reported that several trollers were out trying for steelhead in the channel on either side of the bridge.
AMADOR LAKE - "A bass club from Santa Clara had 9 boats and they had 112-pounds of bass for a nights fishing event," said Debbie Grayson at Lake Amador Store. While the bass are on a good bite, the lakes other species of fish are not biting.
CAMANCHE LAKE - Fishing is good. Trout have dropped down to 45 to 50 feet out by the dam or in the Narrows. Bass are staying hidden in the shrubs and trees near the lake shore, especially out near Hat Island, and most anglers are catching them with 'crawlers. Catfish are hiding out during the day but are coming out in the shallow, warm waters at night. It seemed like people were catching catfish everywhere at Camanche Lake last week.
BIG TREES STATE PARK - The Park is open for camping. You need to make a reservation to ensure a camping site. You can contact Big Trees State Park at 209 795-3840 for more information regarding the Park.
BEAVER CREEK - "Beaver Creek has been fishing excellent," said Bill Reynolds at Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods.
DON PEDRO RESERVOIR - Fishing is good. Friday, Guide Monte Smith of Gold Country Sportfishing had clients Steve Lathrop, Jamison Lathrop of Fresno and Bob Lathrop of Bakersfield. They fished middle bay for 9 kokanee, 4 rainbow and 2 king salmon by noon. They used Vance's Tackle dodgers and hoochies along with Rocky Mountain tackle dodgers and assassin spinners tipped with shoepeg corn soaked in various Pro-Cure oils. The fish were caught from 60 to 110 feet. Jim Small and a friend caught limits of bass to 3 pounds on 6-inch WB607 worms from 4 p.m. to dark last week.
HIGHWAY 4 CORRIDOR - Fishing has been excellent due to all of the recent trout plants, said Bill Reynolds at Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods. Trout plants this week include White Pines Lake, Lake Alpine, Angels Creek, The North Fork of the Stanislaus, The East and West Fork of the Carson River, and the West Fork of the Walker in Section 1 and 2.
LAKE ALPINE - "The NEW dock is in at Lake Alpine and the fishing has been awesome," said Bill Reynolds at Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods.
LAKE MCCLURE - Fishing is good. There are salmon hitting pink hoochies at 70 feet deep around the dam. Trout are 37 to 45 feet on Excel lures. "There have been some big catfish caught from 10 to 19 pounds," said Jason Mello at A-1 Bait Shop. The big cats were eating anchovies, chicken live and minnows.
LAKE MCSWAIN - Trout fishing is excellent. The steady trout plants keep Lake McSwain one of the better central valley lakes, producing good numbers of trout for the fishermen. Around the marina, Brush Pile and Handicap Dock are good places for bank fishermen to try. Trollers should start with flashers and 'crawlers at the floating restroom and troll upstream.
LAKE PARDEE - "Trout and kokanee fishing has gotten tough," said Bill Cook at Lake Pardee Marina. Trout are at 40 feet. Kokanee are down to 90 feet and fishing is still decent in the cooler, deeper water between the mouth of the River and the area upstream. Cook said there is a good bass bite drop-shotting plastics and on topwater in the mornings and evenings upriver around Indian Head off the steep walls. Catfish are going from 7 to 10 pounds and being caught all over the lake on 'crawlers and chicken liver. There is a good nighttime catfish bite at the marina.
MODESTO RESERVOIR - Fishing is good. Wright Baits WB607 6-inch worms on a 1/16-ounce red darthead put in a quick 5 fish limit of smallmouth bass to 2 pounds last Thursday morning from 7 to 8 a.m. at the inlet. There was no topwater or buzzbait early morning bite.
MOSQUITO LAKES - "Mosquito Lakes has been planted numerous times and fishing is excellent," said Bill Reynolds at Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods.
NEW HOGAN RESERVOIR - Striper fishing was a complete bust last Wednesday, with eight boats trolling the main lake, up and including the narrows and there was a total of one striper caught. Lots of boils, they marked lots of fish but with the full moon and a surface temp of 85.2 it just didn't happen.
NEW MELONES RESERVOIR - Kokanee and catfishing is good but bass are tough. Kokanee getting ready to spawn, 49er Bridge is a good area to try at 60 to 90 feet. The trout are hanging near the main river channel and major creek channels. They are avoiding the very warm surface temperature. Nightcrawlers and Power Bait have been the two most productive baits to use at night. Bass fishing is tough, but there is somewhat of an early morning and late evening bite. Try throwing topwater and reaction baits. Guide John Lietchy said, "Once the sun comes up the fish will pull off of the shoreline and out to deeper water."
NORTH FORK OF THE STANISLAUS - "The River has been fishing excellent and will be planted this week," said Bill Reynolds at Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods. You can check the flows for The North Fork of the Stanislaus by going to dreamflows.com.
SPICER RESERVOIR - Fishing is good. The fish have gone deeper. Fish are hitting blades and 'crawlers.
UNION RESERVOIR - Fishing is fair. Union Reservoir is located next to Utica Reservoir off the road to Spicer.
WHITE PINES LAKE - "Fishing at White Pines Lake located near Arnold has been excellent and was planted last week," said Bill Reynolds at Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods. Remember, it has been extremely warm up here and you should be on the water at sunrise.

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