Sunday, January 20, 2013

CBS Blogger puts Jinx on Falcons..49ers go to Superbowl!

CBS Senior Blogger Will Brinson published this piece online with implied prediction of a San Francisco Loss. While Julio Jones did do a good job, did Brinson Jinx the Falcons? To the superstitious, absolutly!  

Falcons WR Julio Jones destroying 49ers, security guards in Atlanta

It's still early in the NFC Championship Game but Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones is causing some major damage to both the 49ers and innocent bystanders.
The second-year wideout racked up 100 receiving yards ... in the first quarter, becoming the first wideout to do that in a playoff game since Steve Smith in 2005.
The 49ers only gave up three 100-yard receiving games in the 2012 season (Brandon Lloydhad 190, Michael Floyd 166 and Danny Amendola had 102). Jones is on pace to laugh off those totals and, what do you know, before I can finish typing this sentence, Jones strikes again, catching a deep touchdown pass from Matt Ryan for his second touchdown on the opening play of the second quarter. Watch it here and relive it ... here:
That gave Jones six catches for 120 yards and two touchdowns in roughly one quarter of action.
But he's not just doing damage to the 49ers -- Jones is also wiping out security guards as well.
The gentleman in question appears to be OK (Jones certainly is!) but was down on the ground and attended to for a while with a possible knee injury.
Thankfully everyone is safe, and he can look back at what happened and laugh with his friends about the fact that he played better defense on Jones than anyone on the 49ers.

    We know it aint' over till it's over!

     SF 28    ATL 24 Now it's over!

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