Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jimmy's Classic Drive-In...Sets The Bar! Grants Pass Oregon

By Steven Masone

On the hunt for the best burger in Southern Oregon starts with Jimmy's Classic Drive-Inn as the burger to beat. 
Fresh 100% ground chuck that is never frozen, the freshest produce they can find is the burger's story. But everyone knows there is a story behind every great burger. From the entire theme of classic burger-joint circa 50's rock & roll to the management and staff makes the dining experience better. The Classic rock & roll music setting the mood as soon as you walk in, the brightly painted red & white decor and black & white checker board floor puts everyone in a great mood to enjoy their visit. The long line of drive-thru customers tells it's own story also...this place is great. My first bite into my Jimmy's Classic Cheeseburger ( $4.95) I tasted the 100% Chuck immediately. If you don't taste beef right away eating a burger, your in trouble! But the burger was great. The bun was not falling apart and all the fixings were perfectly proportioned to not be overdone or underdone. Jimmy's has the burger to beat for best burger in Southern Oregon...and beyond!

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