Monday, October 29, 2012

Tony's Bar & Grill in Walnut Grove is for the birds... "dirty birds"

A little over a week ago I stopped at Tony's in Walnut Grove to see if their char-broiled steak was as good as it used to be, but the kitchen was closed. All they could serve me was a bowl of Portuguese beans and  garlic bread which was actually wonderful. I sat in the sitting room section in the dining area and was within ear and eyesight of the bar.

The language coming from the bar was offensive beyond bar jokes and any standards of publicly accepted speech as there were several women who were also present and the bartender said nothing.. I bar tended for 20 years and would never allow the explicit sexually oriented  language to be used at my bar.

The owners I would think would not be happy to learn that potential restaurant customers will think twice about patronizing their establishment because of the uncouth behavior and atmosphere in their bar. Unfortunately I also overheard some bird making comments about how "we do it in the delta is our way and others can like it or leave it."

In these times business owners who keep an eye on what the mice are doing while the cats away, will stay in business. Those who let the inmates run the asylum will have to pay the piper when their money flies the coop. And see that their future flew over the cuckoos nest.
Used to be a great joint.

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