Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Delta Islands Sinking...

Sinking Delta Islands The islands in the Sacramento Delta are sinking and the levee system is a bureaucratic nightmare, according to a new report commissioned by the State of California Energy Commission.  The new report on climate change has found the levees surrounding sinking islands in the  Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta will reach dangerous levels by 2050.  If levees on one of the islands fail, the sunken interior will fill with water and suck salt water from the Bay, which will then be pumped to farm land and water districts around the southern part of the state.  Link to the entire report:
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Olympic Update As the 2012 London Olympic Games continue to unfold, we check in with Mike Sayers about British cyclist Bradley Wiggins winning an Olympic gold medal and the Tour de France.  We'll also speak with UC Davis social psychologist Andy Jones, an expert on social media, about some of the puzzling peculiarities of Olympics watching; If Twitter and the Internet let us know the results of an event instantly, why do we continue to watch the rebroadcast hours later?

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