Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Isleton Officer’s Wife Speaks Out On Patrol Car Sex ...Looney Tunes!

Isleton Officer Accused Of Having Sex In Patrol Car - Yahoo! News

http://news.yahoo.com/video/sacramentocbs13-15751210/isleton-officer-accushttp://news.yahoo.com/video/sacramentocbs13-15751210/isleton-officer-accused-of-having-sex-in-patrol-car-29264630.htmled-of-having-sex-in-patrol-car-29264630.html► 2:05► 2:05
news.yahoo.com/.../isleton-officer-accused-of-having-...May 11, 2012 - 2 min
Isleton Officer Accused Of Having Sex In Patrol Car. 49 mins ago. KOVR Sacramento 2:05 | 0 views. It was ...

ISLETON (CBS13) – She’s afraid he’ll get away with it. The wife of an Isleton officer says she wants the city of Isleton to know no one had any idea that one of their officers was fooling around instead of protecting them.
The confession of an affair came months ago from her husband, an Isleton police officer who allegedly admitted he hid the cheating by spending time with his new girlfriend while on duty.
“He said that she was with him quite often on patrol and that he would have sex with her while he was on duty,” said the wife, who will be called Jane Doe.
She says she would not only learn about the alleged sex in the patrol car but the jaw-dropping lie he told other women about her.
“I got an email from one woman that asked, ‘So I take it this means you don’t have cancer?’” said Jane Doe.
In March, she came forward and told Police Chief Steven Adams about his cop’s confessions. Days later, the chief would ban all ride-alongs.
After a weeks-long investigation, a source says the chief told the former city manager to fire the officer but it never happened.
Then the new city manager, Dan Hinrichs, put the chief on paid leave.
Hinrichs said he’d launch an investigation immediately, but kept the officer on duty.
“You got to laugh, it’s just a mess here,” Hinrichs said a day after CBS13 told him about the allegations.
“I didn’t think it was funny at all, and my children don’t think it’s funny at all,” said Jane Doe.
The wife accusing her husband of leading a double life says she doesn’t want her husband back; and now, she’s hoping the people of Isleton don’t either.
“He’s being paid by the city of Isleton to protect them and he’s dating,” said Jane Doe. “He’s a liar and he’s a cheat.”

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