Monday, April 9, 2012

Vacation Gold Mining Camp (Southern Oregon)

Southern Oregon  Vacation Gold Rush 2012! 

Private Historic Gold-Mining and Camping Destination. Family and Groups. RV's.Tents (self contained ) fishing, rafting, inner-tubing, Breathtaking views. Reservations Necessary! Call for your reservation and info today. . Campsites start at $25 per night. inner-tubes, Gold Panning & fishing gear rental...For more comfortable stay at Historic Bed & Breakfast Inn. Call for rates. Tour Package available ...Ghost Town, Museum, crawdad trapping & feed. . Real Gold...Real Family Fun! Call now for Summer 2012 (541) 832-2359


  1. The place looks enticing. I would also love to visit that kind of place. Mining is one of the activities I wish to do. I look forward to visiting Southern Oregon soon.

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  2. It's good to see a previous mining site transformed into a tourist destination. The people behind these developments did a great job in making the place useful, entertaining, relaxing and more. Those photos don't show any damages brought by the previous mining activities. With the present time and the advancement of trenchless technology, I'm pretty sure that more and more mining sites will be able to recover fairly and can easily be transformed into this kind of place.