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Expose': My Video Talk Studio ...Scam?

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Oroville, CA
(excerpted from yelp)
I am not a lazy person who likes to gripe.  I'm a CEO of a California marketing firm that caters to Hollywood film producers and attorneys.  I joined MyVideoTalk because I thought it would be a good tool for my clients.

After a little over a month and one customer in, I've decided to back out of MyVideoTalk (based in San Ramon, CA and owned by Team Effort Intl.) for 4 key reasons.

They all boil down to the fact that the 9-year old company is still not ready for me to bring a downline to in a way that doesn't waste significant amounts of my time in follow-up.  (I spend several hours on the phone trying to helps someone overcome hurdles for a $15 purchase).

The system and technology has too many glitches.  Trying to make excuses for them has begun to erode my reputation with key business partners I've worked very hard to build rapport with over time.  This is the opposite effect that I intended this experience to have.

1. The technology is not as cutting edge as represented (people can't view it on Macs and it doesn't bypass spam filters).  It is also not as customizable as the initial presentation led me to believe, and there are several things that don't work right.

The thing that bothers me the most though is that the products are split up between 2 websites, and half of the navigation buttons in the admin website don't even work without paying more to access them (I paid $400 to sign up and $50/month).

2. There are no answers for me when I need them and no direct access to support.  Emails saying my issue has been resolved do not prove to provide an actual resolution and do not provide a phone number.

3. There is not enough product or marketing training and whenever I ask for it, no one seems to be able to give it to me.  I ask to find out the BASICS of how the products work so I can tell my downline, and the answer I get is "just have them call us".  What about me?

4. The barrage of websites and emails and registration hoops I have needed to go through, and have to help my downline go through, are a confusing mess that hurt the company's picture of "cutting edge".

This has not made my life easier, it has made it more complex.

It took an act of congress just to find out where my receipt was, and I've also missed key announcements because they weren't distributed in obvious communication channels.

None of this was apparent to me upon signup, and took more than 72 hours to figure out.  When I asked for a refund, they would not give it to me and said I had to cancel within 72 hours--but they never mentioned this when I signed up.

I'm very disappointed,and with proper communication channels, all of this could have been easily avoided.  I hope to save someone else the $400 mess.

Steven Masone
The above testimony is exactly my experience but my cancellation experience was more costly and took six months and my bank's fraud unit to settle it for me. Delta News & Review found out via Google Maps that MVT's North American headquarters is a UPS box # in Alamo Ca.
Of course that is not illegal, but it was at one time represented online as a free standing building photo that has since been taken down after outed online.
Deceptive is Deceptive. The company was started in India and their genesis and original players have yet to be vetted and investigated thoroughly. However in this era of internet information sharing the bad experiences and deceptive practices of this company are mounting.
Of course since many self-styled marketing types have jumped on board with them, we see they also have their proponents flooding the internet with the "praises" of financial freedom found in this "exciting global revolution." Please! Ignore the hyperbole and unless you are willing to get rich by costing someone hundreds or thousands of dollars chasing the crumbs left over by those who are in the "money trough" join a different MLM. Amway is always a safe bet. At least everyone knows how to use their products.
MVT makes promises concerning simple video e-mail and other video electronic services that are  easy for anyone to operate and set up. That is a lie!  The above testimony is from one of many professional people who are at least semi-proficient as myself on the computer and found those claims patently false.
Companies like this will continue to use and feed the "greedy" producers who only take time to get you in, but will only assist the self-starters who are only interested in selling the "Money" not the product. Some who are unashamed are only interested in signing up those who are just part of the "numbers racket". The more you sign up the more chance a few will be successful and not care that they convinced everyone it was easy!
As I stated in my first review I was interested in the video technology and the money stream would come automatically if the product proved to be valuable. It isn't. Do not be fooled by MVT Reps flooding the internet with good reports. 

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