Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Brokered Convention Good For GOP


By Steven Masone

The GOP needs an overhaul. With congressional approval ratings below 10% with rank and file republican and conservative voters unaware of party politics, a brokered convention may open up the GOP inner workings and expose it's malfunctioning components and get it fixed.

The establishment of the GOP is faceless to the average voter and that comfort zone of anonymity needs to come to the light of day so voters can decide if the party bosses' direction is where they want to invest. Yes the alternative may split the GOP in two, which is the scare tactic the establishment uses to maintain control, but like other nations the like minded parties can form coalition governments.

brokered convention is a situation in United States politics in which there are not enough delegates 'won' during the presidential primary and caucus elections for a single candidate to have a pre-existing majority, during the first official vote for a political party's presidential candidate at its nominating convention.
Once the first ballot, or vote, has occurred, and no candidate has a majority of the delegates' votes, the convention is then considered brokered; thereafter, the nomination is decided through a process of alternating political horse-trading, and additional re-votes.
 In this circumstance, all regular delegates (who, previously, were pledged to the candidate who had won their respective state's primary or caucus election) are "released," and are able to switch their allegiance to a different candidate before the next round of balloting. It is hoped that this 'freedom' will result in a re-vote resulting in a clear majority of delegates for one candidate.
The last time Republicans went to the convention without a nominee chosen was In 1976, the Republican primaries gave President Gerald Ford a slight lead in the popular vote and delegates entering the Republican National Convention but not enough delegates to secure the nomination. A brokered convention was predicted but Ford managed to receive the necessary support on the first ballot to edge out Ronald Reagan. Who knows what could have happened had Reagan been nominated and elected four years earlier. For one, a Red Chinese company would not be running the Panama Canal. 
The Tea Party movement is and has been worrisome to GOP party hacks for some time and it is obvious many have given aid and comfort to the enemy in trying to marginalize the Tea Party. The glaring fact that so many are suspicious of Romney not being a true conservative and his establishment backing makes a brokered convention where the  powers that be can be outed very attractive indeed.
Also for the first time in history a brokered convention's delegates will be armed and dangerous with i phones, smart phones and kept absolutely in touch with every move at every minuet. They will be lobbied by friends and family as well as pressure from party hacks. Conservative think tanks, pollsters and media can influence them verses the liberal media's disinformation and skewed polls.

With the speculation that Newt Gingrich might hit the convention floor with Rick Perry as his VP pick and possible names for other cabinet choices, the voters can have more say than the back room wheelers and dealers of party politics and cronyism. The other candidates may follow suit and the power brokers will manifest and voters can decide who will lead the party and turn back the Obama failed policies and restore U.S. international leadership and economic growth due to free market ideas and democracy. 

Transparency is vital for the GOP and the next administration no matter who wins. America is at a crossroads and voters are sick and tired of politics as usual. Just think of open mikes and cell phone cameras & video recording everything! What a great light that could shed on the way we can do politics in a true open and ethical way. This kind of democracy is what this world needs to see is attainable.

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