Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Video Talk Studio Review

MyVideoTalk to your wallet?
By Steven Masone

A friend told me about a new company he thought might be a ground level multi-level marketing company worth looking at.
My first instincts were to say "Thanks but no thanks" as my MLM experience has not been productive. But my new found interest in internet marketing and finally getting up to speed with this "Brave new Wired World" I found the services of MY Video Talk Studio interesting.

Unfortunately like all newcomers to Internet Technology I was unaware that Google and other IT companies offer the same capabilities for free!

After paying several hundred dollars to join and fifty dollars a month at the entry level, I could not get any tech support from the company to launch my "Video Broadcast Station" that is one of the carrots that got me interested and I could not give presentations to prospective friends and clients to get sign ups.

MLM marketing relies on the representative to utilize and enlist his or her "Warm Market" ...friends, family, co-workers etc...that they can influence easiest. So without a large warm market the rep must cold call prospects they do not have relationship with and the closing ratio dramatically decreases.

My frustration however was based more on not getting assistance and training sufficient for for demonstrating the product. So I cancelled and the company continued to access my bank account based on their claim I did not give proper notice even though I had e-mail proof they accepted my cancellation.

The fact that they are selling free services to the uninitiated and the poor training and usual  "hyped success of the few on the top of the pyramid, and deceptive cancellation tactics makes this outfit one to stay clear of. Buyer beware!

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