Thursday, January 26, 2012

Best BBQ Smokehouse on I-5

by steven   masone 

 Grown up on southern cooking with Louisianan, Tennessean, and Texas influences, I love Barbecue! From the Mississippi Delta to California's Delta. There are many styles of Barbecue. In Texas alone, it's regionally diverse. On the border of course you find a Tex -Mex style of citrus marinated meats with Mexican chile, jalapeno salsa, mole, ect... back up north to Texarkana, pulled pork, brisket, chicken & ribs can be found with hundreds of recipes and thousands of twists in the marinades and sauce.

But the important thing is the quality and care in smoking  the meat and the process...before you smoke it. 

  has nailed the art of BBQ smoking. It's in their dry rub as well as recipe and process! With a state of the art commercial smoker, the owners; Leon, Roxie and Scott are offering the best Pork ribs, Beef brisket and Krack & Cheese (It's addictive mac & cheese lol) I have had in all of Southern Oregon! Not very hungry and not hopeful of great BBQ in Oregon, I was more than surprised at the succulent brisket and pork ribs these folk's newly opened BBQ in Canyonville, Oregon, offer in their brand new store. With an impressive menu, you have to stop and finally have some great authentic BBQ in Southern Oregon. I will definitely go soon again for a full updated review with pics and comments! See their Facebook page

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