Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gas Pipline Ruptures near Isleton

An 8-inch natural gas pipeline ruptured near Isleton in south Sacramento County.
Flames shot into the air about 35 feet according to witnesses and the firefighters.
The pipeline was located underground in a field just south of Highway 12.
“Something happened near a well head, which caused the pipe to burst and (catch) fire, said Capt. Scott Bahrenfuss, a firefighter with the Rio Vista Fire Department.
The pipeline is owned by Vintage Productions, a company that drills for natural gas.
Employees with the company told reporters the gas line runs from a well storage facility at the well site to the companies that buy it, like PG&E.
They also told us the line that ruptured was scheduled to be replaced next week because is had problems.
The fire was so big it could be seen for miles.
“I could smell it before I saw it,” said Kayla Williams, and Isleton residents. “I looked outside and saw the big orange glow.”
“It smelt terribly, I actually got up on the roof to look at it,” said Julia Moore, an Isleton Resident.
The tower of flames lasted for about 20 minutes before workers could turn the gas off. The flames ended almost immediately.
No one was hurt in the fire.

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