Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fishing Weekend "Shout Out!" Dec 29 2011

AMERICAN RIVER - The American River fishing opener of the salmon spawning area upstream of the power lines crossing the river at Ancil Hoffman Park to the USGS cable crossing the river at Nimbus Hatchery on Sunday looks good, based on the number of steelhead in the Nimbus Hatchery and reports of some nice steelhead being caught downstream of the closure. Remember, it's barbless hooks only, and two hatchery steelhead as denoted by a clipped adipose fin may be kept. No salmon may be targeted or kept. Flows are very fishable, too, at 2,000 cfs. The fish racks have been removed so salmon and steelhead have free passage into Nimbus Basin, and, though fishing pressure is heavy, odds of hooking into a steelhead are better than downstream.DELTA REGION: SACRAMENTO RIVER side - Liberty Island and Prospect Slough have been good for stripers soaking mudsuckers, jumbo minnows or sardines. Umbrella rigs are also popular. Cast them along the levee breaks at Liberty Island. Clarksburg Landing has been good for sturgeon using eel and pile worm. Grass shrimp has also been productive. Cache Slough and at the mouth of Prospect Slough have also been popular sites using ghost or grass shrimp. SAN JOAQUIN RIVER side - This side of the Delta has been slow due to the cold water. As fish acclimate, fishing will pick back up. Stripers have been biting better on live bait in areas with warmer water. Sturgeon fishing has been fair in areas such as Grizzly and Suisun bays. Chain Island and Montezuma Slough are also good areas to target. Salmon roe has been the most popular bait.TOPAZ LAKE - The trout season opens Jan. 1. The Topaz Lodge Fishing Derby will begin on opening day and run until April 15. Check out for details. According to Topaz Landing Marina, the lake is much higher than normal for this time of year and there will be plenty of shore fishing area for the opener. The Nevada Department of Wildlife has been planting the lake heavily since the Oct. 1 and fishing should be excellent on Jan. 1 barring any extreme winter storms.NORTH COAST RIVERSCHETCO RIVER, Ore. - It was raining over the weekend and the river was climbing slowly, at 678 cfs at noon on Christmas day, but expected to hit 6,000 cfs during the week and be a very fishable 4,000 cfs over the weekend. Despite the lack of rain, the numbers of steelhead have been very good, and the few anglers working the river have been having better than normal success for December. Look for the bulk of the steelhead to show up this week.COQUILLE RIVER, Myrtle Point, Ore. - Bank anglers are doing well plunking roe a short distance from the waters edge. "I have received a couple reports of drifters doing well from Hoffman Wayside to Myrtle Point," said guide Curtis Palmer of River Secrets. "One angler sent me an e-mail saying they had hooked 13 steelhead on that drift using roe. He also wrote me the next day to report that they had went 3 for 3 on fly's during a short drift on the same water the next day." Rain was expected this week.RUSSIAN RIVER - Steelhead are in the river, but everyone is waiting for rain for more fish and better fishing conditions. Anglers in the know have been using stealth methods in the low, clear water and catching halfpounders and some adults, but it's been tough, and rain is needed to bring in the main run.SMITH RIVER - Flows on the Smith River dropped to a meager 550 cfs on Christmas Day, but were expected to approach 7,500 cfs with heavy rain forecasted this week by the National Weather Service. The 4-foot increase in flows should give steelhead fishing a major boost, guides predicted. "December was slow on the Smith," said guide Andy Martin of Wild Rivers Fishing. "There were a lot of salmon below Rowdy Creek, but steelhead fishing was slow upstream and there weren't many kings above tidewater." Guide Mick Thomas of Lunker Fish Trips said the expected rains should make steelhead fishing prime the first couple weeks of January. A few bright kings also could show up in the catch.UMPQUA RIVER, Elkton, Ore. - Steelhead fishing has been very good over the last week, but very few boaters were out drifting due to the extremely low water levels. Prior to the current rains, (and more expected this week), visibility was 8 feet and most anglers were using 1/8- to 1/2-ounce floats to drift roe or small jigs through slots, according to WON Field Reporter Curtis Palmer of River Secrets Guide Service.TRINITY/KLAMATH RIVERSTRINITY RIVER, Douglas City - The weather on the Trinity River drainage has been more than a little boring lately: cold, getting down to 20 degrees at night, and foggy. Not many fish are on the move as a result. The good news, so to speak, is that the river above Junction City has the highest concentration of fish. Fishing pressure has been fairly light, as well. Anglers have been using a variety of methods to get a couple of hookups and outing-from small nymphs like copper Johns to backtrolled plugs-and drifted roe in-between.KLAMATH RIVER, Orleans - Halfpound steelhead and a few adults to about 5 pounds were being caught on drifted nightcrawlers, roe, and spinners a the lower end of the Trinity. Some steelhead were being caught in the South Fork, as well. Anglers should be aware that access is being denied to non-tribal members on Hoopa Reservation lands.KLAMATH RIVER, Iron Gate Dam - Air and water temperatures have been very cold, but the river is clear, and fishing pressure has been very light. Fishing has been very good for the few anglers trying. with anglers catching a dozen or so halfpounders and trout plus several adults to about 6 pounds. Drifted roe, nightcrawlers, and backtrolled plugs have been the baits and lures of choice. It's been too cold for a good fly bite.

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