Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cops point gun at Calif. mother of two, mistaking her for car thief

Cops point gun at Calif. mother of two, mistaking her for car thief

Barry Leibowitz
Daily Blotter

Monique Massey
 (Credit: CBS Sacramento)
(CBS) ELK GROVE, Calif. - A trip to the grocery store turned into a terrifying ordeal for a mother and her two little boys when police in near Sacramento pulled them over and surrounded their car at gunpoint.
Monique Massey told CBS Sacramento she got out of the car and was handcuffed. That's when she realized officers thought she was a car thief.
"I've never felt that much danger in all my life," Massey said. "I'm 46 years old. I remember hearing the cocking of the shotgun and he commenced to pointing the shotgun directly at my face.  I remember turning around at my boys and telling them everything would be OK," Massey told CBS Sacramento.
Sacramento County Sheriff's spokesman Deputy Jason Ramos says his agency had found Massey's stolen car back on Oct. 5 and helped her get it back, but the agency never updated the stolen car database. So when they came upon the car again, they still recognized it as stolen.
"It's quite possible it was just human error on our part," Ramos said, according to CBS Sacramento.
Monique says she's far more frustrated with Elk Grove police officers for what she considers an excessive response.
"Our officers are going to treat that as a felony vehicle stop," Elk Grove police spokesman Chris Trim said. "So the driver, the occupants are going to be taken out at gunpoint until we determine exactly their involvement in the stolen vehicle. So that's just standard procedure."
Trim said officers apologized and offered the children stickers. But Massey says she never received an apology or explanation and that she plans to submit a complaint.

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