Monday, August 1, 2011

Opinion: Recipe for Disaster

Recipe for Disaster

By Edward Stevens

The following Associated Press article Aug 1,2011

A registered sex offender is suing a California city over a law that prevents him from living with his ailing parents.
Michael Steven Escobar, who served nearly nine years in prison for molesting a child under age 14, says the Elk Grove ordinance restricting where he is allowed to live violates state and federal constitutions.
Elk Grove's law prohibits a registered sex offender from living within 2,000 feet of schools, day care centers, playgrounds, parks, amusement centers or youth sports facilities.
Escobar's parents live less than 1,000 feet from a park.
Escobar's suit, filed June 9, names Elk Grove and Sacramento County District Attorney Jan Scully.
Police Chief Robert Lehner says the law is similar to those being increasingly challenged in California.

And here is a comment by a reader on a local Newspaper online:

"As the police chief indicates, laws that go in excess of the state mandates for sex offender restrictions are being challenged because they are indeed unlawful and unconstitutional.  They are being challenged in other states as well, and the challenges are  being upheld.
Additionally, research supports Mr.Escobar's position; these types of restriction have been found, not only to serve no purpose in working toward public safety  but actually doing the opposite of what is intended and working against the good of the community."

What will work towards public safety is longer prison sentences for pedophiles and repeat sexual offenders not " bleeding heart therapy." ( Appropriate Pharmacological treatment excepted) The very fact that this pedophile desires to challenge the Elk Grove laws, shows his lack of remorse and most likely a refusal to participate in a halfway house or in-residence program to do all he can to assure society he has been rehabilitated. 

His " in our face... I've got rights"  attitude  foretells his estimation of the community's concerns. While I am a Law & Order proponent, this " fool" is asking for trouble going public essentially daring the less lawful citizens to express their "rights"  he will not be happy with. I have counselled many fathers and mothers whose children had been molested and know the rage and anger that can manifest.

The complete damage to the victim will unfold in many phases throughout their lives and manifest in a myriad of fears, anxieties, obsessive compulsive behaviors, even to the point of the likelihood they will one day become suicidal, schizophrenic.... and the horrible list goes on. So if the courts err on the side of the offender, it could be a recipe for  an "Ellie Nestler"  incident as this "genius"  has painted his own "bulls-eye"  right on his back.

Americans are tired of the government failing to protect our cities and we can see that "angst"  acted over the border issue where vigilante groups (non-violent) have sprung up to fill those gaps. If the courts decide to leave Elk Grove vulnerable to this miscreant, I will be the first to ante up for a "fund" to pay for him to be followed, observed, photographed, video taped etc..and making the community aware of his every move and  where-a- bouts. All within  " Our Rights."

Following is "real research."
Pedophilia is a complex, often compulsive, psychosexual
disorder with profound implications for the abused child,
perpetrator, and community. It is important for physicians
to understand the various types of pedophiles, the profile of
the abused children, and the offenders’ responses to
 treatment and their risk for repeated offense. The combination
of pharmacologic and behavioral treatment coupled with
close legal supervision appears to help reduce the risk of
repeated offense
. However, the interventions do not change
the pedophile’s basic sexual orientation toward children.
Further research is needed to better identify clinically significant
 differences among the different types of pedophiles.
Such knowledge, it is hoped, will result in better treatments,
improved allocation of medical and legal resources, and a
reduction in the number of abused children.  (MAYO Clinic Report)

"2000 ft is not far enough!"

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