Saturday, July 2, 2011

Shari's Restaurant Greenhaven/Sacramento not what they used to be.

This reviewer remembers when Sharis restaurant was one of the better chains in California. Still popular up north more, the buzz for the Sacramento locations has been quiet for a reason, the one on Florin Rd & Greenhaven Drive needs work.

First of all as I was seated in a booth, the seat was lumpy and painfully uncomfortable so much I asked to be moved. The next booth was not much better. On a hot July day, I was very thirsty and asked for a diet soda which when arrived was flat. First impressions set the tone for many things in this world, but when one is reviewing an establishment a bad first impression causes one to look closer.

So I did and noticed the ledge to my left of the partition of the booth was dirty and obviously not been cleaned for quite some time. The table tent cardboard advertiser was mangled and smudged from greasy hands that must have had the greasy over salted fries like I had.

My waitress was pleasant enough, just not efficient. My first flat soda was delivered without a straw and after I sent it back it was five minutes before I saw her again to find out they said the c02 was fine and I then got a glass of water without ample ice.

I ordered the double ranch bacon burger and of course the bacon had set too long and was very rubbery. The Burger was decent though, but not $9.99 decent. Sharis used to be famous for their pies and deserts but I decided to have mercy and not order any since my instincts told me to go have desert elsewhere.

On a scale of 1-10 I gave this Sharis a 6. Considering the last Denny's I ate at I gave a 7, Sharis needs to step up their game as they used to blow Dennys away.

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