Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Isleton's Marijuana Project/Medical Marijuana Discussed on Public Radio...listen now!

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Insight: Isleton's Marijuana Project / Medical Marijuana Testing / SacPress / 70 in 70 / Poetry Benefit

Isleton's Marijuana Project Controversy continues over a huge marijuana farm that had been planned for the city of IsletonDelta Allied Growers was in the process of building a massive medical marijuana farm on the northern edge of the city to raise revenue for Isleton and create jobs. It was approved by the City Council, but the federal government has intervened and Sacramento County District Attorney Jan Scully ordered a grand jury report on the city's plan. Today on Insight, we'll talk with Don Prange Sr., the head of the grand jury which recently released its report criticizing the city's role in the development.
Medical Marijuana Testing There's currently no standard for testing medical marijuana for purity and potency as most other regulated drugs are tested. The United States Food and Drug Administration would normally do it, but the federal government refuses to accept marijuana as a legal medicine. Two UC Davis researchers have taken it upon themselves to test medical marijuana sold at local dispensaries. Their company, Halent Laboratories, is also involved in passing state legislation that will standardize testing procedures. We'll talk about it with Prof. Donald Land, President and Chief Scientist of Halent Laboratories, and Reverend Dr. Kymron Brill Jon deCesare, Lab Manager at Halent Laboratories.
SacPress In our regular weekly segment, SacramentoPress.com Editor-in-Chief David Watts Barton tells us about some local issues in the news this week, including Sacramento County Board of Supervisors' recent decision to vote down an ordinance to close all the cannabis dispensaries in the county and good news about construction at the Sacramento International Airport.
70 in 70 Two photographers Melody and David Nocetti from Turlock are traveling around California taking pictures of state parks slated to be closed because of budget cuts. Their goal is to photograph all 70 parks in 70 days. They're in Sacramento this week getting pictures of the Stanford Mansion and the Governor's Mansion, both of which are scheduled to close this fall. We'll talk about 70 in 70 with photographer David Nocetti.
Poetry Benefit This Friday, acclaimed poets Robert Hass, Brenda Hillman, Cathy Park Hong, Major Jackson, and Sharon Olds, along with special guest Galway Kinnell, will read from their poetry in Setzer Auditorium at theCrocker Art Museum in Sacramento. This readings will benefit the Community of Writers' Summer Poetry Workshop in Squaw Valley's Poetry Program's financial aid and scholarships. We'll talk with Robert Hass and Major Jackson about the program.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

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