Saturday, July 30, 2011

Isleton City Manager and Chief of Police Resign

Isleton Police Chief Rick Sullivan announced his retirement Friday, prompting the Delta hamlet to name a a sergeant as interim chief.
City manager Bruce Pope said Sullivan, who was named interim chief of the Isleton Police Department in 2009 before taking on the position full-time, stepped down Friday because he simply "wanted to retire."
Steve Adams, previously a sergeant with the department, was named acting police chief until a formal application process can be conducted, Pope said. Adams has been a sworn member of the department for less than a month, but volunteered with the department prior to that, Pope said.
Pope said Adams has more than 20 years of law enforcement experience, including stretches with law enforcement agencies in Oceanside, Folsom and Sacramento County.
"We had other officers in the department we considered, but for the acting position, moving quickly, we felt this was the best choice," Pope said.

Last week  city manager Bruce Pope announed he also will retire and will stay for 90 days until a new manager is hired.

Isleton has been under the focal point of Federal and County scrutiny regarding the Marijuana Farm Project where the County Grand Jury issued an unflattering report but no laws were claimed to be broken or subverted.


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