Sunday, June 12, 2011

National Internet usage triples last ten years.

Percentage of Homes With Internet Triples in the Past 10 Years

In good news from the Census Bureau, broadband Internet has spread across the U.S. like wildfire. We may still be paying more for slower speeds, but it appears that access to the Internet, and particularly broadband, is actually increasing at an incredible rate. According to the latest Census Bureau report, as cited in USA Today, 62-percent of Americans have Internet access in the home, up from only 17-percent in 1997. Even more encouraging, 82-percent of those households have broadband instead of dial-up.

It's not time to start celebrating just yet, though. There are still plenty of people without access to broadband, and that's where the National Broadband Plan comes into play. Areas in the South, like Mississippi and West Virginia for instance, generally have much lower rates of Web connections in the home; each of those states clock in around 52-percent. And those without a high school diploma, usually the poorest in the country, have only a 19-percent adoption rate.

While there is still lots of work to do, it is a good sign that in 10 years, the percentage of homes with access to the Internet has more than tripled. It just proves that, despite all the complaining about the lack of broadband penetration in the U.S., the situation isn't as dire as many would have us believe. [From: USA Today]

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