Monday, June 20, 2011

Isleton New Home of Kompany Caine...up and coming SuperBand

Kompany Caine : "Long way Down"
Rock Bands are a dime a dozen on the west coast and many never get more than nickles and dimes for their efforts. But I have not seen a band in this area with the kind of talent Kompany Caine has since I was with Claussie Productions where we discovered a young garage band named "City Kid" who later changed their name to TESLA.

While the members of Kompany Caine are not the young teenagers like TESLA was when discovered, they have the quality of energetic creative youthfulness it takes along with talent... to take them to the top.

With only a few sessions with the band and hearing just a few recordings... as sure as I was about TESLA, I am sure of KOMPANY CAINE. Look for a  Grand Opening Announcement for the Recording Studio and Appearances Soon.

Stay online with us here at Delta News & Review for their downloads as well as on their site.

Kompany Caine has set up shop in Isleton California opening
a recording studio for area musicians to record and publish. Teamed up with Gowjergash Productions/Publishing Co. They have just associated with ARTISTRY ENTERPRISES, an artist management and event production company. for info see:

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