Monday, June 27, 2011


Reliable sources have it that a Blues Music and Performing Arts Festival is in planning stages to be produced in Iselton this coming labor day week-end, the last four day week-end of the summer Several blues bands have already committed to appear and the festival will offer selected rock and other bands also. The newly formed Delta Music Theater Company will organize a performing arts component  and produce several Broadway hit Musicals.

Organizers are planning a different style theme for food vendors with a delta BBQ & fish fry by day, And a more sophisticated evening menu for the after dark venues. The Blues & Rock bands will be moved into the various indoor venues and the "Musical Plays" and "Revues" geared for the family and theatre goers will remain outdoors where that genre will attract the tourism from the bay area and other metropolitan cities, discouraging a carnival type atmosphere where gangs and trouble making is prevalent.

There are plans for daytime children's theatre and activities, puppet shows and possibly a "Family Circus" and more interactive events. There also is talk of a concert headliner major act if the logistics can be worked out.
The entire Delta seems to be coming alive with new events all the time and that entrepreneurial Californian spirit is alive and well in our Delta.

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