Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fishing Weekend Report

DELTA AREA SACRAMENTO RIVER side - The sturgeon bite has been great throughout the system, and the west bank below Rio Vista produced keepers using ghost shrimp. Stripers  also taken in the same area-by the Power Lines trolling P-Line Predators. Look for bait fishing for stripers and for sturgeon to also increase.
SAN JOAQUIN RIVER side - Working the upper parts of Suisun Bay, the sloughs and up should be good for sturgeon as the good action continues on grass shrimp, pile worms, eel, ghost shrimp, crawdad, and even anchovies. A warming trend should also help the striper bite.
AMADOR LAKE - A 28 pound catfish made an all nighter worthwhile for some campers fishing the Carson Arm, that whopper taking a chicken liver bait. Trout plants continued daily, with 3,000 per week doled out 600 pounds per day, Monday through Friday. Power Bait, nightcrawlers, Kastmasters and Rapalas vied for top lure/bait listing. Trout averaged 3 to 5 pounds, with limits. 
DAVIS LAKE - The lake is at 88-percent capacity. Ed Dillard at Dillard's Guided Fishing was on the water when called Sunday morning and had landed 9 fish to 19 inches already.
NORTH COAST RIVERS RUSSIAN RIVER - The storm doubled the flows to almost 1000 cfs, but that should recede in two days and be back to normal. Increasing temperatures this week are expected to warm the water and get the shad active again, and females should be in the system now, too, providing more opportunity. Main shad run in the river now.
AMERICAN RIVER - The Middle Fork near Georgetown was running high but clear. Local anglers fished the river this past week and reportedly picked up browns and rainbows, 14 to 18 inches, on worms and spinners.
COLLINS LAKE - The lake is a foot from full. Will Fish Tackle in Auburn reported that the Rooster Tail Fishing Club hit the lake this past week and six out of ten boats caught limits of rainbows to 3 pounds. All were trolling Rapalas and Tasmanian Devils at 25 feet deep in 50 feet of water from the dam toward the power lines on the far side of the lake from the launch ramp. Collins Lake Resort reported that most anglers were catching 3 or 4 trout, though many limits were checked in. Trollers are now working deeper water, 20 to 30 feet, with Rapalas and flasher/worm combos. Shore anglers have been doing well at the dam, marina, campgrounds, and by the bridge using Power Bait and worms.
LAKE OROVILLE - The lake is at 97-percent capacity. The unsettled weather slowed the bass bite. WON Staffer Pat Young hit the lake with Bruce Gibson of the Paradise Tackle Company and picked up 25 fish to 3 pounds on jigs and spinnerbaits at 15 feet deep off short flat points and downed trees in the Bloomer Ravine and Berry Creek areas.
ROLLINS LAKE - The lake is nearly full. The poor weather since the Memorial Day weekend has slowed fishing to a crawl. Some trout and bass action was reported but the warm weather in the forecast will surely boost fishing success.
CLEAR LAKE -  Anglers will continue to find the most success drop-shotting plastic worms in the traditional colors such as Margarita Mutilator, Red Crawlers, Orange, Oxblood and Blue. Anglers should also be prepared for a little Fluke action as well as the Senko bite in areas where fish have already spawned.
LAKE BERRYESSA - Look for the kokanee to be spread out all over the main lake from the Narrows all the way to the Big Island and in between. Uncle Larry's spinners, RMT squids,  RMT dodgers,Assassin spinners, and Apex spoons, Dick Nite spoons,  with your favorite scents should work for fish in the top 50 feet of water, with most being in the top 30 feet.
CAMANCHE LAKE - Bass action rated good, said Louise Buie at Camanche Recreation, with fish in 10 to 20 feet of water around the trees, rocks or brush. Senkos, tubes and Brush Hog plastics are best. Catfish is good for anglers soaking mackerel and chicken liver in the evenings. Trout fishing picking up.
LAKE PARDEE - Shore anglers are still getting rainbows while throwing Kastmasters or soaking Power Bait. Trollers caught a mix of kokanee, rainbow trout and brown trout fishing the river upper arm. The kokanee and 'bows liked Apexes, bead spinners and hoochies tipped with corn, behind a Sep's dodger. Browns like Rapalas fished 25 to 55 feet down. 
CARSON RIVER (East, West) - Both Forks are scheduled for DFG trout plants this week, usually 1000 pounds in each. The colder weather over the weekend kept the runoff at bay and though the flows were high, the water color was great.
DONNER LAKE - The lake is at 78-percent capacity. The bite slowed here with the poor weather. Macks were hitting trollers and jiggers.
FEATHER RIVER CANYON - The Feather River was blown out. The North Fork was causing damage at the Caribou Crossroads Resort. Fishing at the Caribou Powerhouse was slow. Butt Valley Reservoir was good for 16- to 19-inch rainbows at Dick's Guide Service. Mason's clients hooked 11 fish and landed 6 fishing Excel spoons at both ends of the lake-16 to 18 feet deep in the south and 10 feet deep on the north end.
ICE HOUSE RESERVOIR - The lake is at 51-percent capacity. More snow fell this past week and few if any people ventured into the Crystal Basin-even the Ice House Resort closed its doors due to the weather. 
LAKE TAHOE - Mackinaw trolling was very good despite the weather. When boats could get out, fish were stacked up at 80 to 120 feet deep for Big Mack Charters and Chuck's Charter Fishing. Daniels fished the Jake's on the Lake Derby on Sunday and his clients hooked 6 fish in the first 30 minutes of fishing landing four 7 1/2 pounders. 
TRUCKEE RIVER - The main river from Truckee to the border is blown out due to high flows, while the section along Hwy 89 is running high, but clear and fishable. Flows are down on the Little Truckee below Stampede Reservoir and rainbows averaging 15 to 16 inches, with some up to 18 to 20 inches, have been hitting for fly fishermen using midge nymphs, San Juan Worms, and caddis nymphs. An angler fishing in Cold Creek landed a 7-pound brown, according to Brian Nylund at Mountain Hardware and Sports.
AMERICAN RIVER - River flows were bumped up again due to the continuing unseasonable weather, hampering anglers trying for shad. Harrington, River Bend Park, and Sunrise were all producing a few shad, but most anglers were happy to hook 3 or 4 in an evening's effort. Spin fishermen continued to do better than fly fishers, and the success rate will continue to be less than stellar as long as flows remain high and the water cold.
FEATHER RIVER, Yuba City - Anglers continued to catch striped bass below Yuba City using a variety of methods from minnows to flies. It was important to be flexible and move around until willing biters could be found. While most fish continued to be schoolies weighing from 3 to 8 pounds, some big females weighing up to 40 pounds were also being caught. Shad were being caught all the way to the Outlet, and quite a few steelhead and native rainbow trout were also being hooked.
FOLSOM LAKE - Bass have mostly moved back to deeper water, but the bite has been good, especially up the North Fork. Anglers drifting nightcrawlers and minnows have been doing well, but so have lure fishermen working plastics or crankbaits between 15 and 20 feet deep. There wasn't much to report on trout, or landlocked king salmon.
RANCHO SECO LAKE, MATHER LAKE - The cool weather has suppressed weed growth somewhat, and bass fishing has continued to be pretty good on area ponds. Wacky-rigged Senkos, Carolina-rigged plastics, crankbaits, and swimbaits, continued to attract strikes.
SACRAMENTO RIVER, Sacramento - The river came up again after the most recent rains, but that did not seem to deter anglers and striped bass. Fishing behind wing dams south of Verona with pileworms, bloodworms, sardines and minnows continued to be productive. The Fremont Weir, and Bryte's Beach were two more productive spots.
SACRAMENTO RIVER, Tisdale - Most anglers in the area continued to focus their striper fishing efforts on the Feather because there still seemed to be more fish over there and fishing conditions seemed to be better.
SACRAMENTO RIVER, Redding - Trout fishing around Redding continued to be good, and the river was blown out once again if you went below tributaries. Drift Glo-Bugs with a bit of roe, and nightcrawlers or crickets.
North Saltwater
BERKELEY - Live bait potluck remained the big draw with from less than a fish around to 2 fish per, usually depending more on the number of anglers than fish. South San Francisco Bay near Alameda continued to offer the best action. On the California Dawn, Captain James Smith reported 15 to 20 fish per day regardless of the angler count, top fish in the teens. The weekend scores were dominated by stripers (tides are fast again), but this week's tide promise improved halibut action.
HALF MOON BAY - Weather continued to keep boats from taking full advantage of the available action. The most recent reports indicated and off and on salmon bite around the Deep Reef, and fair to tough fishing for rockfish down below Pigeon Point. The crabbing remained a good back up for anglers on the Huli Cat.

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