Sunday, June 12, 2011

58% of Rio Vista are online as of 2007 Survey

According to Moore & Associates 2007 survey, 58% of Rio Vista residents were online Internet customers. Many savvy newspaper and even electronic broadcast media are combining traditional with the ever changing and evolving Internet.

 The survey was commissioned by The Delta Breeze Short Range Transit Plan FTR 2007. The 58 % with the national averge increase since "07" should put these figures more likely between 68%-74%. One authoritative survey shows six months ago only 51% of Americans still got their 'news' from print.  Now six months later, those stats are at only 30% still rely on print for their news.

Community weeklies in print are faring better, but as the larger media groups are losing market share to Internet online news sources, thay are "gobbling up" community weeklies also and getting them online presence and more sophisticated "bells and whistles" for readers to find local community blended with in brief State, National and World headlines etc..

Many community independents are also joining together to form locally owned media "co-op's where they can keep real people in touch with the real issues and events of their communities. They can share content with each other that their own limited staff cannot cover, but others do.

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