Wednesday, July 8, 2020

On The Road Review: Hertz Rent-a-Car In Beaverton Oregon


With Steven Masone  

Renting vehicles is one my least favorite things to do. Not the driving, and taking a road trip, that's always fun and usually an adventure. It's the reserving the vehicle and getting to the rental car office and finding the vehicle is not ready, or the one you reserved is not available, and the switch car isn't ready at all. I say "switch car" because some agencies 'bait and switch' on purpose when you call in or request a certain vehicle they advertise using a booking third party company. 

Car Rental Deals and Discounts From All The Big Brand Companies!
I used to have a Corporate account with Hertz Rent-a-Car many years ago and decided to try the Hertz in Beaverton, Oregon. Of course in this Covid-19 environment I was not looking forward to finding a busy office with employees on edge, fearing the worse having to trust the sanitation of the vehicles being properly cleaned and ready so I didn't have to be in a line or all of the other stress factors we all go through while navigating in this pandemic. I must say I was more than pleasantly pleased with the professionalism and attention to detail... the Hertz Rent-a-Car management and staff were at the Beaverton location. I did have a computer issue which was handled by management to my satisfaction and appreciated the managers prompt solution in taking care of it.

Phone : (503) 626-4066
Fax: (503) 626-4256
Location Type: Corporate
Hours of Operation: 

Cab fare up to $20.00 with receipt will be deducted from rental charges.
Please note: Debit Cards may be used at the start of a rental. To qualify for a rental using a debit card, you must be at least 18 years old, meet credit score requirements, and present a valid driver’s license, unless using a debit card in your Gold Plus Rewards profile or the rental is an Insurance Replacement rental. Debit cards are accepted for payment at the end of your rental. Please refer to Form of Payment in the Rental Qualifications & Requirements for complete information.

 While third party booking companies seem to have discounted prices, usually it's not worth taking a chance and going straight to the rental agencies making for smoother arrangements is best for me. Call them at  (503) 626-4066  and tell them you read this review and let them know you would like the same great service!

13985 SW Farmington Rd, Beaverton, OR 97005 
Their website is

Friday, June 19, 2020

Evangelist Claims Religious Persecution in Pendleton, Oregon and in America Must Stop!

This is a story of the Religious discrimination raising its ugly head in America.
by Edward O'connor

A Church in Pendleton, Oregon, had invited an Evangelist to come and hold services to help with the reopening of in-person services, ministering to the congregation in spiritual healing, and also for psychological stress factors that the pandemic restrictions have caused so many Americans to suffer through.

 False Stories appearing on local internet group chat rooms caused one county official to attempt to stop a specially promoted service to shut down in-person services that have and will follow all guidelines. Because of the outbreak in Union County, Oregon, rumors claimed members from that church were going to the Pendleton services. 

When told that Pendleton service would be moved outdoors, the official still suggested (Like Kate Brown destroyed the Hair stylists livelihood by revoking her professional license, cities can use permits to harass Churches if you don't follow "suggestions") they only live stream guest Evangelist speaker, the Reverend Steven  Masone. Rev. Masone is also a trained PTSD Trauma Counselor and has a Non-Profit Music Therapy Pgm for Veterans with PTSD. He is also a Certified Peer Support Specialist which qualifies him also as a Registered Mental Health Worker for the State of Oregon. 

  No other church is targeted to return to live stream only. As the U.S. Justice Department is clear that Churches cannot be treated differently from secular businesses, no businesses are being asked to close back down either.

The Pendleton Church is named "Pendleton Lighthouse Church." The Church where outbreak occurred also has Lighthouse Church in their name. However, there no organizational affiliation. 

Evangelist Steven Masone says; "The mission of the Christian Church in America has been totally shut down! Every Travelling Evangelist is out of not only a job, but their spiritual calling has been sidelined as well, and our Constitutional rights to practice our faith is under attack. The same for Missionaries due to travel restrictions both here and abroad. We are not allowed to visit the sick in hospitals, nursing homes, feed the homeless, or minister in prison and jail ministries. Christians from the beginning of the Church have gone where no one else would go, risking life and limb to fulfill The Great commission. President Trump has declared Churches to be  essential businesses, but State and local politically motivated officials, want to emasculate our societal influence, most likely because of the large support in fundamental and evangelical Christianity for President Trump. When we minister to the poor, the sick, etc... we don't care about political affiliation or their ideology. We help them whether they join our congregations or not! " Rev. Masone also points out the photo of Protesters in Pendleton, dated June 1,s show them not following the social distancing guidelines his services would do outside, and that this shows clear bias. BLM Protest Pendleton

Rev. Masone also stated; "I plan on filing a complaint with the U.S. Attorney for this District if there is any further intimidation." 

 For further info call (541) 517-5224

Saturday, June 13, 2020



He replied, “Go your way, Daniel, because the words are rolled up and sealed until the Time of The End. Many will be purified, made spotless and refined, but the wicked will continue to be wicked. None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand.” Daniel 12:9-10              Antichrist? The Beast 666? The Coming Armageddon?  The Tribulation? America Divided? Son Against Father, Mother against Daughter? Civil Unrest? World War Threats? So many voices and interpretations...What does scripture say? Are Prophetic Events happening now? Is The Antichrist rising?
Hosted by: Pastor Dan Satterwhite and The Pendleton Lighthouse Church 
With: International Evangelist Steven Masone, Eleventh Hour Ministries
Salvation! Healing! Miracles!
Jesus Christ, The Same Yesterday, Today & Forever!              
When: Sunday June 28, 10am & 6pm, Bible Study every Wed 7pm Where: 417 NW 21st St. Pendleton, OR. 97801 for further info (541) 276-6588
"Evangelist Rev. Steven Masone is used mightily by God in Healing, Word of Knowledge/Wisdom and Prophesy. At one meeting he called out three people who had hepatitis C, prayed for them and Prophesied that they were all healed in the Name of Jesus, and their Doctors later confirmed it! He teaches and leads Saints in outreach and scores of visitors came where The Holy Ghost filled 9-12 and all baptized in the Name of Jesus and many added to our Church even though we were in a Building project and just a few went out in outreach. . The Power of the Holy Ghost confirming the Word of these End-Time truths through his ministry will bless your Church."
Pastor James Rabe, West Side Apostolic Church, Eugene Oregon,            (541) 729-9167          

"Powerful moves of the Holy Ghost with casting out of demons, broken legs healed and 20-30 people a week for over 6 week revival filled with the Holy Ghost speaking in other tongues. Pastor Masone's Ministry is the real deal!
Bishop Edward Stevens, Apostolic Pentecostal Churches LJC,USA            (916)  273-7583

I have been involved with Rev.Steve Masone in several Eleventh Hour Crusades, God's anointing was evidenced salvation, miracles and deliverance! Over sixty veterans receiving the Holy Ghost and baptized in the Wonderful Name of Jesus Christ in U.S. VA Hospital, Gospel missions, Salvation Army facilities and Jails and some just off the streets. Many vets who suffered from Alcohol, Drugs and Porn addictions were delivered and returned back to their families. As a previous A.C.T.S.Director, (Alcohol, Chemical, Treatment Series) 
I can say that Brother Steven Masone's Ministry teaches and preaches a "program" into Revival meetings! Your Church will have revival!

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Mississippi church burned down for refusing to stop their worship!

The Mississippi church in Holly Springs that refused to shut down during quarantine was burned over night and is being investigated as arson according to police in Holly Springs.
The call that the First Pentecostal Church building on Highway 178 in Holly Springs was on fire came in about 2:30 according to police. Upon arrival, the chruch was fully involved.
Spray painted on the pavement was the words ” I Bet you stay home no you hypokrits.”

The pastor of the church can be heard in the video saying that the Constitution and God prevent the officers from being able to shut down their service and that God will protect their congregation.
The church congregation then goes to Walmart to hold a protest.
Local police and investigators are on the scene on Wednesday.
We will update as more infomration becomes available

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Big Pharm Provides 75% Of The FDA's Drug Review Budget

       The FDA is on the take by the biopharmaceutical industry which pays three quarters of the FDA’s budget used for the drug review process. This is an astounding number for any Government agency. No federal agency is supported to this extent by the industry it regulates! Given this level of support, its easy to assume that the FDA would bend over backwards to meet the needs of its financial backers to fast track drug review processes, or ban drugs that are inexpensive in their plant based forms. If the Drug companies have the patent on a synthetic version they  charge exorbitant prices.

                               Cinchona Plant

CINCHONA BARK is where Hydroxychloroquine is extracted from in it's natural form of Quinine.
More than 7000 medical compounds currently prescribed by physicians in Western culture are derived from plants, and some experts estimate that there are more than 21,000 medicinal plants in the world’s remaining tropical forest ecosystems.

Perhaps the most historically important medicinal plant family of all is the tree genus known to science as Cinchona. While most people will not have heard of the Cinchona genus, they will certainly have heard of the alkaloid produced from it bark: quinine, used for centuries to treat malaria, as well as other ailments.
The Spanish learned of the medicinal properties of the bark of the Cinchona from the Quechua-speaking indigenous people they conquered in the early 16th century, and they quickly adopted it in the treatment of the tropical fevers to which the European invaders were all too susceptible.

U.S.  Military in the jungles of Central America and South East Asia took quinine pills as a prophylactic against malaria.
Quechua people routinely mixed the ground bark of the Cinchona with sweetened water, to counter the bark’s bitter taste, thus creating the first tonic water; that essential ingredient in the gin and tonic, a beverage created by British officers in India, who first added gin to their quinine to mask its unpleasant taste. Quinine is used to this day as an ingredient in tonic water.

Another example of price gouging by drug corporations comes from the response to the opioid crisis and the increased demand for the drug naloxone, the antidote for a narcotic overdose. With over 60,000 Americans dying of drug overdoses each year, emergency responders, not-for-profit human service organizations, and family members want to have naloxone readily available to save lives. However, the drug manufacturers have responded by jacking up the prices of naloxone and its various delivery systems. Kaleo corporation has raised the price of its easy-to-use, naloxone auto-injector from $690 in 2014 to $4,500 in 2016. Amphastar Pharmaceuticals has raised its wholesale price for naloxone from $20 to $40. Adapt Pharma’s new Narcan nasal spray came on the market in 2015 at $150. These prices and the opioid crisis have increased the drug corporations’ revenue from sales of naloxone from $12 million in 2011 to $274 million in 2016. Economics, specifically economies of scale, would suggest that the price should be going down with increased demand, not up.
As prices for naloxone have risen, first responders and community-based non-profits who provide services to people with drug problems, who are on the front-lines of the opioid crisis, are finding that their tight budgets do not allow them to have the number of naloxone doses they’d like to have. [3] Naloxone has been available since 1985, although new delivery vehicles, such as a nasal spray, have been developed recently. Public funding through the NIH has contributed to the development of and conducting of clinical trials for some of these products. Only five corporations make naloxone and they have been working to block competitors. One of them is Mylan Pharmaceuticals, infamous for its price gouging with its EpiPen product.
Some drug companies are simply investors, buying the rights to drugs, often life-saving ones, that they believe can deliver big profits, usually through dramatic price increases. A recent example is NextSource, a start-up with no research and development costs. In 2013, it bought the rights to a cancer treatment drug with low demand and therefore a single producer. It was priced at $50 per dose. In three years, NextSource has raised the price to $768 per dose.
Soaring cancer drug costs are driving the cost of treatment well over $100,000 a year in many cases. As a result, some patients delay treatment to figure out how they can get the treatments paid for. A study earlier this year found that 24 cancer drugs had, on average, quadrupled in price over the last 8 years. [4]
In an interesting example of how our corporate media sometimes cover increasing drug prices – putting a positive spin on outrageous corporate behavior – The Boston Globe recently had a big headline on the front page of its Business Section that read “Price hikes on top-selling drugs were a lot smaller this year.” The article began with “Average annual price increases have declined at least four years in a row for 20 of America’s top-selling brand-name prescription drugs.” Nowhere in the article does it mention that the 6.9% increase over the last year is three times the rate of inflation or that over the last 5 years the cost of these drugs is up 66%. On a subsequent page the article does note that “these drugs have increased by an average of 213 percent since their launch, well out-pacing inflation.” It also notes that many of these drugs are very expensive with seven having an average, annual cost per patient of between $59,000 and $92,000. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Hydroxychloroquine Opposed by Big Pharm at Cost of Many Lives!

by steven masone

          Big Pharma continues to be the poster child for so many people who don't trust corporate America. Putting greed above all, even the sick and dying. Hydroxychloroquine is in the antimalarial and 4-aminoquinoline families of medication.
       Hydroxychloroquine or chloroquinewas approved for medical use in the United States in 1955. It is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines, the most effective and safe medicines needed in a health system. Chloroquine is an immunosuppressive drug and anti-parasite commonly used in malaria treatment. It’s most often taken as a tablet by mouth.

       Hydroxychloroquine is being opposed by AMA Doctors who get paid by Big Pharm to always prescribe most expensive drugs they hold patents on. Hydroxychloroquine is cheap because patents have expired. The UK, France, China, and many other countries are using Hydroxychloroquine with success. President Trump is for using the drug asap, but the Deep State is in deep pockets as well as government bureaucracy. The greed of these people over health and safety of citizens has killed millions over the years.

Last fall, Valeant Pharmaceuticals raised its prices on a number of its products. For some of them, that increase was as much as 800%. Another one is Solvadi, a drug used to treat hepatitis C, which Gilead Sciences has raised the cost to U.S. consumers to between $84,000 and $168,000 for a 12-week treatment (in comparison, patients in Japan pay $300 for the same thing).
A few years ago, Gilead did the same thing for its HIV treatment, Strilbild. Yet another was Naxolone, a drug used to treat opioid addiction. First patented in 1961, this drug goes for an average of $2.90 a dose in the developing world. Cost for U.S. patients: $28,000 a year. Yet another example: Thiola, a drug used to treat kidney disease. Drugmaker Retrophin managed to grab the rights to this 40-year-old drug in 2014, then promptly raised the price from $1.50 to $30 a pill.
In one study published recently in the Journal of Clinical Care, scientists compiled six articles and 23 ongoing medical trials in China, using the evidence to argue that “chloroquine seems to be effective in limiting the replication of SARS-CoV-2 (virus causing COVID-19) in vitro.”

Until The Deep State politicians who are also on the dole, are term limited out, Big Pharm will continue to hold back cures and therapeutic treatments paying off doctors and politicians to keep driving their "gravy train!" 

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Technology Gone Wild?
Technology Gone Wild?
by  Steven Masone      
       “The lightning fell so close to the man he felt the searing heat singe the hair on the right side of his face and arm. He remembered how good the animal he ate had tasted after it was charred by this fire from the sky. He picked up the branch that was still in flames in one hand and the creature he just caught and killed in the other. As he was headed back to the cave where he would try to use the fire to make his food taste good like before, two of his enemies leaped out of the shadows to steal his food.He turned and faced them wielding the burning branch and smashed one in the face with the fiery weapon and he realized he had just discovered a dual purpose for the fire, food and weaponry.”   
       And so it was with the tools that were used for building and working out their uses. Tools were turned into weapons to defend and or attack his enemies with. Throughout history, discoveries and inventions by mankind has been tainted with a doubled edged sword that helped and hurt themselves and others by misuse and the violent tendencies that is the cause of man's inhumanity to man from time immemorial. Now in the twenty first century, only seventy three years after the first atomic bombs were used in warfare, unleashing the greatest power yet engineered by man, technology has exploded exponentially in all of the known sciences, while mans social ethics and moral compass are dangerously lagging too far behind being able to be trusted with the incredible advances and powers that are at the crossroads of destiny or self-destruction of all mankind, and possibly of the earth and even the universe itself. 
         From experimentation with supercolliders that may open black holes, to runaway man made viruses, genetically modified foods that could cause mutation and world-wide crop diseases, the possibilities are manifold and innumerable, creating scenarios stacking the odds against our long-term survival. . It is pointless to prognosticate all of the potential harm that lurks in man's ability to misuse and create the Frankenstein Monster that may be our cataclysmic demise. What we can predict however is the repetition of a destructive aberration from our recent past that is ready to occur again with avengeance.     
       Eugenics came out of the bio-social movement of the early 1900's whose advocates promoted it as an applied science of genetic engineering to improve human hereditary traits to control population and create a superior human specimen. Thus a superior society. Nazi Germany embraced the philosophy for their racist and genocidal aims that led to the "Holocaust". The fallacy was that improved traits in humanity would lead to world peace by creating a more intelligent healthier human. For thousands of years before the term eugenics was coined, this idea was knowingly and unknowingly practiced by sending the uneducated and poor males of a society into battle while the privileged and elite's progeny were either given deferments or positions in the military less hazardous than the front lines where young men were sent to certain death. As far back as the biblical account of King David sending the husband of Bathsheba into battle and ordering that he be made vulnerable to the enemy to be killed, in order to hide his getting Bathsheba pregnant, sheds light on utilization of war and battle by leaders to dispose of themselves the undesirables. 
        Between 1912 and 1932, three International Congresses took place as a global venue for scientists, politicians, social leaders to investigate and discuss plans and programs to improve human hereditary characteristics in the twentieth century.      While the Nazi embrace of Eugenics was used for an unthinkable horror inthe holocaust, the movement actually was re-invented and nurtured in America and England. President Theodore Roosevelt created a national Heredity Commission to discover the genetic heritage of the population and to encourage the good blooded families to increase, and the cross-bred inferior segment to decrease. Out of this, supported by the Carnegie Institute, came the establishment of the Eugenics Record Office. Soon sterilization laws were enacted allowing for compulsory sterilization of unfit offspring, “to better the race.” Other eugenic laws focused on limiting the right to marry. Tens of thousands of Americans in mental hospitals were forcibly sterilized.  
                                                      The New Eugenics                                       
                                                         designer babies)                                                         
      “Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) (aka embryo screening) refers to the ability to perform medical procedures to diagnose for selecting both medical and non-medical traits in children. The parents can select sex, athletic ability, intelligence, hair and eye color etc... While the virtues of gene therapy to eradicate disease from human DNA, can be heralded as the greatest discovery for the benefit of mankind, can mankind not abuse this power and have it lead do our destruction and not our triumph? History is not on the side of man in this dilemma. The evidence in current events still point to our darkest nature when it comes to how we are dealing with world problems of hunger, poverty, disease and mans inhumanity to man.  
       Can we see this eugenic propensity to eliminate undesirables in our inaction to intervene in the ethnic cleansing genocides perpetuated around the globe? In the name of neutrality and sovereignty rights of other nations we let warring African tribes commit genocide. Instead of putting our full power and resources to end aids and other diseases that are killing millions, we instead only contain it and control it's progression within it's own borders.   
                                                The Elephant in the room    
         The conversation regarding stem cell research for spare human parts, the genetic engineering discoveries and advances that have the potential to encode immune system protection from many diseases and defects, have exciting possibilities, but if history repeats itself, and it will, there will be a new and improved human bloodline versus an inferior older model, the natural human. It is obvious that this is where it all is headed. But in the name of progress and scientific miracle working technology, no one wants to sound backward thinking and play the spoiler. Even though the dark evidence of racial intolerance leads to horrific genocidal behavior by the elite and those they deceive with their fantastic visions of utopia, they ignore the elephant that is not only in the room, but is teaching the new narrative.  
        So like before, when undesirables were sterilized and even quietly euthanized in the name of creating a “better peaceful world”...allowing people to genetically enhance and pre-select a “better baby” will invite an old and dangerous evil back into the already intolerant arena of racist mentalities.
         The book “Boys from Brazil” gives a fictional snapshot of a potential reality. The main theme is the preservation future of The Third Reich by it's maniacal followers. With the story-line shows Dr. Mengele clones Hitler and the good guys tracking down of these (former) Nazi's. The writer attempts to show the reader what could have happened if some events had or hadn't occurred, but the possibilities in reality would be endless.    
         The events are about 7 men who are six former SS officers and Dr. Mengele, the infamous doctor who operated in the concentration camp Auschwitz, and experimented evil medical and scientific experiments.  Mengele the story concludes, has cloned 94 boys from Adolph Hitler and is culling and sifting for the best of the group to find the perfect candidate to become the new Fuhrer of a resurrected fourth Riech. Speculation has it that in fact Hitler's DNA was preserved for a future attempt to clone another Fuhrer. No one can deny that many radical groups both nationalistic and religious would use this technology in the hope of resurrecting their former leaders and the dreams that failed at their deaths.   
       Many wealthy people have in fact have had themselves frozen in cryogenic states for this future hope of immortality. Where will a line be drawn? How far will we allow this technology to go before it's too late and genocidal cleansing of yesteryear will pale in comparison to future race wars fueled by fear and hatred as never before seen in the history of mankind?   
       The potential evils for genetic warfare are unlimited in scope and design. Can genes be designed to activate deadly diseases when two races are intermingled? Can genetics be used to create a human that is used only as a worker because all the genetic design effecting the brain factors for ambition and inspiration are de-tuned? The list of horrors can be endless. The time is now to address this approaching ethical dilemma that cannot be ignored or delayed,   
   We have all heard the axiom; “The definition of insanity, is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.” We have been down this road before. Eugenics, New Eugenics, Genetic Engineering, re-brand it what you may, but the goal is the same as is going to make man better and save the world bringing in utopia. Our track record is clear, we will reap the same results as we have from the dawn of time, turning our good into evil and destruction because we have not figured out why we seek after the power of life and death instead of life only. We have technology we should not have. We are not evolved as compassionate living beings as long as we want to play God and make the decision who is fit and who is not fit to be gifted with life.  
                                                  More questions to ask   
   Where billions of dollars are seen in the “Genetic Engineering Market” there are hard questions that must be asked. Will the military industrial complex capitalize on growing soldiers that have been engineered to eat less, sleep less, require less maintenance than robotics and machinery? Will they engineer soldiers without the genes that control sympathy and compassion in the brain? Even today there is an illegal black market where people are selling their organs to wealth clients who do not want to wait on the legal waiting lists. Will we see people selling their engineered children when the financial remuneration is a temptation to lucrative to resist? What will we see when via the black market, people will be able to “grow their own slaves” for various illegal and deviant purposes? 
     Throughout history we have had prophets warn us of these things. One is the very appropriate Greek Mythology of Icarus, whose father made him wings to fly with, but because he used wax to fasten them with, he warned his son Icarus not to fly too close to the sun. Icarus ignored his fathers warning and flew too high anyway and the heat of the sun melted the wax and his wings failed him and he fell to his death.     Compared to the sophistication of our increasing technology verses our abberated social advancement and moral clarity, we are like the early cavemen who discovered fire. The only difference is that they survived because they could not burn up their caves of rock and stone. We have too many disturbed psychotic pyromaniacs who will set our now prefabricated flammable world aflame. What is the answer? The answer is in the axiom that “history repeats itself.” The question we must ask is, will we let it happen again?